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In this time of uncertainty, we’re here to help. Whether you need support with remote working and collaboration, security, the culture of working remotely or learning new skills, here are some resources we hope you find useful.


Working Remotely

While many of you will have been working remotely for years, for others remote working will be brand new. Either way, we’ve sourced some terrific resources from inside Microsoft and beyond to help, whether you’re collaborating on code development or setting up virtual desktops and accessing them from wherever you are.

Resources to get you started:


Keeping data secure

With everyone accessing data remotely from their homes, it’s never been more important to make sure your organisation’s data – and the apps and websites you’re building – are secure. Here are some tips and guidance from us and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals to help make sure the tech you’re building and deploying is secure.

Resources to get you started:


Training and support

Whether you need to upskill to meet your organisation’s needs or whether you’re upskilling in the face of career uncertainty, we hope these resources help.

Resources to get you started:


Building a remote working culture

Building software is all about collaboration – which gets trickier when everyone’s working remotely. What can you do to make sure you’re contributing to and leading a positive culture? We’ve sourced some content from around Microsoft and beyond to help.

Resources to get you started:


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