The Azure logo, with a drawing of Bit the Raccoon looking up at it.

Hello Folks,

How far do you think your career can take you? I believe it can take you anywhere, and yet I’m the first one to be surprised at the heights we can achieve. As far as I’m concerned space is the limit, or as we geeks like to be reminded… the final frontier.

I’ve been working lately on 2 projects with Azure Orbital, one of which has been featured online:

Some of the challenges on these project involve storing and transferring large amounts of data from space to earth ground stations.

A diagram demonstrating how Azure Orbital works

On both these projects, networking, security, deployment skills and more are crucial for the success of the project and therefore we (as a community) need to ensure we are ready for new adventures while leveraging the skills we already possess. However, it never hurts to learn new ways. To that effect, there are many learning opportunities for you to take advantage of:

Technology is evolving, and our skills are crucial to the success of our enterprises. We owe it to ourselves to be prepared and ready.

Are you?

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