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Quantum computing presents unprecedented possibilities to solve society’s most complex challenges. Microsoft is committed to responsibly turning these possibilities into reality – for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Over decades of research and development, Microsoft has achieved advancements across every layer of the quantum stack – including software, applications, devices, and controls – and is delivering true impact today through quantum-inspired classical computing.


Getting started with Q#

Bring quantum apps to life with the quantum development kit for the Q# quantum programming language and Azure Quantum. In this open-source kit, you’ll find tools to formulate and run optimization problems on large-scale or hardware-accelerated Azure compute resources, as well as for developing durable quantum applications for quantum hardware.


Try out the Azure Quantum Preview

When developing on Azure Quantum, you accelerate your development lifecycle by building your quantum solution once and running it on multiple systems with little to no change. Azure Quantum is your best path to leverage the latest optimisation technologies from Microsoft and our Partners, as you seek long term cost-saving solutions.

With Azure Quantum and its quantum development kit, what could be a heterogenous hardware and software set of solutions is unified. Your development investments are protected in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, and these hardware and software innovations are brought to you with minimal to no change to your code base.

Trying out the Azure Quantum preview is free, so give it a whirl today.


Kickstart your Azure Quantum learning

Whether you’re a developer or simply someone who wants to get a feel for what quantum computing is all about, there are plenty of learning resources out there.

You can also find further learning resources on the Quantum learning resources page.


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