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Microsoft’s huge developer conference, Microsoft Build, is back once again! Kicking off next week on May 24-26, it’ll be delivering the same high-quality sessions and keynotes from familiar faces at Microsoft, all at no cost to attendees. You just need to register! 

By registering, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Microsoft Build session planner, which allows you to pick out what talks and topics you want to focus on during the event. It’s an excellent way to customise your experience, while making sure you don’t miss out on any sessions you’re excited for.

This year the event features special Spotlight on the UK sessions in addition to the usual global sessions, where you will hear leading voices and cutting-edge perspectives from across the UK developer industry. By registering, you’ll be automatically signed up for it all!

Every developer is welcome

At Microsoft Build, you can meet the engineers behind the Microsoft platforms you use every day, learn more about a variety of tools and solutions, and connect with a diverse group of developers who want to hone their skills. We’ll also bring you a tailor-made experience with our UK regional digital event, with sessions from a variety of technical experts from Microsoft and GitHub.

You can learn about designing and running GitHub applications with Mark Harrison (Microsoft) and Nicholas Liffen (GitHub), how to deploy containers quickly using Azure Container Apps with Mark Whitby (Microsoft) and Senna Parsa (GitHub), and how you can visualise data with DevOps practices with Ian Pike (Microsoft) and Liping Huang (Microsoft). Of course, this is just a small sample of the talks we have in store!

You’ll also get access to technical breakout sessions, ask the expert opportunities, table topics and our partner sessions. Plus we have our event keynotes, which are headlined by familiar faces from Microsoft.

Register today!

Don’t just listen to us – we spoke to some of the Microsoft MVPs in the UK to hear what they like about Microsoft Build, and what they’re most looking forward to out of next week’s event.

Sarah LeanSarah Lean, Senior Solutions Architect at OctopusDeploy, said:

For me, Build is a chance to see the latest features that developers will be looking to utilise in their applications. It means I can get a head-start and look into what support from an infrastructure, operations and security perspective will be needed when those new features get rolled out to the production environment.

A headshot photograph of Mark Allan.Mark Allan, Application Modernisation Consultant, said:

Long gone are the days when Build was restricted to Windows and .NET developers. These days there’s something for everyone, with content for everything from Visual Studio Code to GitHub, to Java to low-code, to cloud-native development to data science and AI. I’m particularly interested to find out more about the future of cloud developer environments, but I’ll still be keeping an eye on Windows and .NET!

Matt Lacey, A headshot photograph of Matt Lacey.Author & Independent Software Development Consultant, said:

Build is always an exciting event. The plethora of announcements can sometimes be overwhelming. However, the revelations about future technologies and the possibilities they create for building software to help more people in new ways are exciting. I see Build as a first look at what I’m likely to be working with in the years ahead.

Chris Hoard, Partner Education Lead at Vuzion, said:

For me, Build is the bellwether that sets out the direction of where both Microsoft and the tech community is headed over the coming year. It’s where we discover what’s top of mind, what’s imminent and what’s next. Here, you’ll find just how exciting development is, whether you are a developer, aspire to be a developer, or even if you have never been a developer. Now if Microsoft’s core mission is to empower every person on the planet it is here – at Build – where you get a sense of that happening. Great minds building and shipping the tools, the apps and the experiences which make it real and takes us all forward into the future. But it’s this optimism – the promise that the future will be better is what sets it apart from the rest.

Microsoft Build will provide the key developer content for which the event is known, while tailoring the event experience towards topics that developers the world over are looking for.

This digital event starts on May 24 at 8AM BST, at no cost, so register today to avoid disappointment!

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