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Hello folks,

It’s been great to see in-person events take off again! Many events are working in a hybrid model, which seems to be working really well. It gives the opportunity for some people to appear in person and others to join remotely if they cannot make an in-person event.

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft Build kicked off on a global scale. While it was streaming sessions around the clock, various locations held in person events: Japan, Germany, LATAM, UK, and France. There was a great in-person representation in the UK from various customers, partners and Microsoft MVPs, and it was great to see the amazing work that everyone has been doing in the community.

While Microsoft Build tends to be labelled as a ‘developer’ event, there was a large amount of announcements for the IT Pro community too.

Below is a list of some of the key announcements that targeted the IT Pro community:

You can check out all the updates via the Microsoft Build Book of News.

For those of you that don’t want to tirelessly read through the Book of News, I’d like to direct you to a drawing by our own Nitya Narasimhan, who has visually sketched out ALL of the announcements from Build in one awesome drawing. It can be found here.

Want to do some skilling up?

Check out the Azure Skills Navigator for System Administrators, look at where to start and where to go to get skilled up.

Upcoming in the month of July is a load of in-person events. I encourage everyone to check out some of the great conferences coming up and maybe even join a local (or global) meetup group. There are some great technical sessions from the community, and community is key to driving our success!

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