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Microsoft Industry Blogs - India


Will Digital Acceleration Simplify Banking? 

How fast might banks innovate? Could digital transformation streamline the burdensome handoffs, controls, and compliance provisions that plague most banking business processes? Banks must keep up with fast-paced digital customers. Particularly with digital natives, who demand instant response. Banks should obsess about bringing new digital value to their customers. Digital transformation often starts by rethinking...Read more

e-Commerce in Insurance – a Microsoft India Perspective 

Customers’ spending power in increasing, and they are buying more than ever through e-Commerce channel. But ecommerce companies have reached a plateau of growth, and are looking at ways to increase stickiness of their customers. Insurers have been grappling with innovation in the product and distribution side. Is there a marriage on the card? The...Read more

Banking in the Digital Era – Microsoft India Perspective 

With advent of Digital channels, Banking has undergone a big change in India. Banks are looking more towards doing business through digital means rather than physical channels. They are undertaking process changes and trying to reinvent new business models aligned to the emerging digital needs. This article provides an overview on how Microsoft can help...Read more

Leveraging the cloud 

Perhaps the most challenging sector in which to do business in today, the retail financial services industry has evolved phenomenally over the last few years, creating a number of hurdles that only the strongest banks will be able to clear...Read more

Actionable analytics 

IDC estimates that companies using data assets to their advantage will capture US$1.6 trillion more in business value than those that lag behind. We find out how the Cortana Analytics Suite can drive change in financial services...Read more