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We are incredibly excited to share the winners of the CXO NEXT Innovation Awards 2015! The awards, which were announced at the CXO NEXT Summit in Redmond, Washington, on Wednesday, October 21st, recognize visionary leaders who lead transformational innovation at their organizations using Microsoft technology.

In the words of Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President, US Enterprise & Partner Group, “In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, organizations are expected to transform how they operate and enable employees to adapt and drive breakthrough experiences to win the minds of those they serve. The winners of this year’s CXO NEXT Innovation Awards met this challenge with enthusiasm, advancing true innovation by using technology to achieve excellence and move their businesses forward.”

Awards were given in six categories:

  • Reinventing Productivity and Business Processes
  • Building the Intelligent Cloud
  • Creating more Personal Computing
  • Empowering Finance
  • Empowering Marketing
  • Open Innovation
We are pleased to announce the following eight winners and their industry-leading innovations:

Bruce Bartolf, Chief Technology Officer, Gensler
Category: Creating More Personal Computing
Gensler’s unique Microsoft VDI solution allows users to work across the Americas and western Europe. Architectural model files open 20x faster than VPN, replacing luggable laptops with ultralights and Surface Pro computers.

Lori Borg, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Cadence
Category: Empowering Marketing
With Cortana Analytics Suite, Azure Machine Learning, and Power BI, Northwest Cadence is able to conduct sentiment analysis and improve the content of their marketing newsletter and blogs.

Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer, Allscripts
Category: Open Innovation
Allscripts’ Unity solution is a modern web-services API that allows for seamless data flow and true interoperability between Allscripts’ healthcare products and third parties.

Mike Hanrahan, Chief Technology Officer,
Category: Building the Intelligent Cloud used the power of Azure cloud to build a massively scalable next-generation pricing engine and e-commerce platform that provides shoppers the smartest way to shop for millions of products.

Richard Harris, Chief Innovation Officer, Diebold
Category: Building the Intelligent Cloud
Diebold used Cortana Analytics Suite and Azure Machine Learning to create an end-to-end data pipeline and algorithms that predict ATM machine failures and help their service teams monitor the health of the machines in real time.

Gerald Ostheimer, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Anritsu
Category: Reinventing Productivity and Business Processes
Anritsu’s SkyBridge Tools™ Trace Manager is a cloud-based automated trace judgment service that enables cell-tower or in-building antenna system testers to more efficiently communicate tasks, validate measurements, and deliver accurate, timely results.

Terry Price, Chief Information Officer, Metrocare Services
Category: Reinventing Productivity and Business Processes
Metrocare leveraged Skype for Business to conduct telemedicine and successfully deployed a series of custom mobile-telemedicine carts throughout its facilities.

Dr Jean Wright, Chief Innovation Officer, Vice President, Carolinas HealthCare System
Category: Empowering Finance
With Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure, Dr Wright partnered with Predixion to lead her team to build a point of care predictive model to quickly identify and treat patients with the greatest risk for readmission.

Learn more about some of the winners’ innovations and the CXO Next Innovation Awards by watching the video

In addition to acknowledging the innovative solutions of the award recipients, we would like to thank each of the distinguished judges who reviewed this year’s entries:

  • Rachel Antalek, Vice President, Concept Innovation, Starbucks
  • Raj Biyani, Managing Director, Microsoft IT India, Microsoft
  • Grad Conn, Marketing Director, US Central Marketing, Microsoft
  • Jacob Demmitt, Reporter, GeekWire
  • Adam Dennison, Senior Vice President and Publisher, IDG Enterprise
  • Peter High, President, Metis Strategy
  • Gretchen O’Hara, General Manager, Enterprise & Industry Marketing, Microsoft
  • Matt Perrine, General Manager, Marketing and Strategy, Microsoft
 If your organization is using Microsoft technology to drive innovation in your business or industry, please share it with us by emailing Tell us a bit about your business and how you are using Microsoft technology. We’ll review your submission, and if you are selected for a success story, you’ll be contacted for an interview.