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Microsoft Industry Blogs - India

Upstream operators are demanding software solutions that enable them to work smarter and take advantage of new technologies including cloud services, apps, mobility, social computing and platforms that unlock the potential of Big Data. Microsoft is at the forefront of these technology advancements. Through the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture (MURA) framework, we are leading the industry to the next generation of solutions and working alongside our global oil & gas industry partners to ensure that the latest versions of these technologies provide the foundation for their oilfield solutions.

The key Guiding Principles grouped into five ‘pillars’, help ensure consistency and technical integrity for upstream oil & gas solutions built upon the Microsoft technology platform. In turn, global oil and gas companies can realize maximum value from their existing investments in Microsoft technology – helping them save on further IT costs. (See The Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture for more information on the scope of the MURA, the role of these pillars and how the principles within them map to Microsoft technology.