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Finding the right talent is becoming more and more challenging. To some extent it is triggered by shortage of talent in the market in general. But there is also a trend to increase workforce scalability with fewer traditional, full time workers and more contingent staff and part time workers to come in for specific projects and flexible assignments. So finding the right candidates for a complex project can end-up as a forensic search.

The question is: How do you manage to identify and hire talent quickly enough? Can you ensure that the diminishing right candidates are aware of the opportunities and careers you offer, the values and spirits you stand for and the competences you are looking for?

A challenge especially for industries like Life Sciences or Chemical, requiring a highly qualified skill set combined with innovative thinking to stay ahead in global competition. To increase the chance that the best talents show-up for a job, we can learn a lot from marketing and their finesse in technology to keep an ear close to people.



Spot the Rare – Social Listening to Identify Talents

Recent studies show, that social media channels are already key for HR. Jobvite published in September a survey, saying that 92% of recruiters leveraging social media networks as a part of their job. Also in September, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey examines that nearly two-thirds of companies (65 percent) found new hires through social media in the past year. Furthermore, they underlined that social media could help recruiters find passive job candidates who might not otherwise apply for traditional job postings.

Competing for the most talented candidates, companies need more sophisticated tools to identify the right ones efficiently, reducing the time for search and the effort to select the best suited to the company’s culture.

This is where social listening comes into play. The automated monitoring of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs and news syndication is not only a way to get trends and alerts about people’s opinions on products or brands. It offers fascinating potential for talent scouting and expert search. Just imagine the advantages for recruiting if you know with a few clicks, which rare students have a passion for biotechnological research or hydrocarbon engineering, and combine high qualification with soft skills like high work ethic, critical thinking or liability.

The secret behind effective social listening is the combination of natural language processing and machine learning techniques. This enables the automated evaluation of posts and social conversation on a global basis in native language to pick up also sentiments that may otherwise be lost in translation.

Engage Smart – Social Analytics to Interact Efficiently

But this is only half of the journey. The power of social recruitment strategies lies in sophisticated talent engagement based on the data from social listening. Think about the principles of connected marketing – the combination of social listening with analytics and target group segmentation by source, sentiment, location or author, followed by direct social engagement, managed and automated by modern CRM capabilities.



For my own work, I use Microsoft Social Engagement listening to various topics. For example, “Genome Sequencing”: I can see 3,800 posts last month. 170% up from the month before. Nice to know, but not enough. Social Engagement allows me to filter down on certain key words and immediately adjust the stats to see, who has posted the most articles, who has the strongest reach in his or her network and what is the sentiment of the posts. Microsoft Social Engagement also enables me to immediately respond to a tweeter or blogger.

Another perspective on social engagement demonstrates the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur in Switzerland. They use Microsoft Social Engagement primarily for research. For example, they analyse the image of a certain profession such as “Engineering” and encourage prospective students to actively discuss the profession over social. “Microsoft Social Listening is very flexible. We can adapt it to our needs in research projects. Perfect for us”, says Dr. Ines Jansky, University Lecturer Corporate Communications, HTW Chur, Switzerland

Get insights – Perceive What Matters and Stay Engaged

The toolset of Microsoft Social Engagement integrated with Microsoft Dynamics enables to navigate the dynamic social network environment and set-up efficient campaigns to meet and engage with the talents and experts where they are. It not only gives you a view on the people you most need, but helps you to deeply understand how they use social media channels, what they emphasize and jump on. Then it depends on your recruitment objectives and creativity to give talents and experts a reason to interact with you and stay engaged using calls to action as well as inspiring messaging and value-added content.

Curious about the whole range of Microsoft Social Engagement? Then also don’t miss a guided tour on Microsoft Dynamics CRM or download the datasheet.