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Smart phones, smart cars, smart TVs—our tech shouldn’t be the only thing getting smarter. Research shows that people are more likely to retain, remember, and understand new concepts, ideas, and conversation when taking notes by hand rather than typing along on a keyboard. With Surface, you’re equipped with the tools to flex that mental strength while still keeping up with the latest in portable technology. Here are four ways that your business can do more with Surface and digital note taking.

1. Enable Effective Employees

Digital note taking allows for smarter collaboration, engagement, editing, and browsing in addition to traditional minute-taking methods. Use OneNote to track meetings with a flick of the wrist and then instantly share those notes with your coworkers (without the hassle of transcription). This instant accessibility enables employees and peers to effectively grow your business by cutting down search efforts, centralizing content, and saving time.

2. Enact Faster Customer Solutions

Digital note taking also vastly improves the customer experience. Smarter employees mean happier customers, and while digital notes not only improve retention (meaning your sales staff won’t forget those subtle details) it also decreases the amount of time customers spend waiting for answers, and if we’ve learned anything about the customer experience it’s that people like their problems solved fast.

3. Review in Real-Time

Spark your traditional inclinations by writing directly on your screen with the Surface Pen. Digital note taking plays to our familiar writing habits by putting pen to screen to mark up and modify PDFs on the fly. Real-time editing allows documents, designs, and drafts to be easily passed around without the hassle of transcribing new comments.

4. Revolutionize Your Research

Take that same Surface pen to your web browser and naturally markup webpages. Hundreds of accessible color options make highlighting and organizing annotations easy, and instantly share those observations with your coworkers and colleagues. Skip the old save and print process, save yourself the cost of printing, and save a few trees in the process. Digital note taking isn’t just the future of the written word, it’s the future of communication.