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The business universe is expanding.

Every day, innovation accelerates, as technology blurs the boundaries between physical products and virtual experiences. This is our Industrial Revolution. Disruption is the new reality, and the opportunities are limitless. Every business is a technology business.

Why do brands matter?

Because they matter to people. And people have always been at the heart of our purpose. Brands are about trust.

They help people feel good, confident and even connected to something bigger. Microsoft is our brand. It’s an incredible asset and a vital link to the billions of people we serve.

Who is our audience?

We focus on a mindset as opposed to a demographic. The people we serve are people of action; those who are compelled to set ideas in motion. They’re restless innovators who are wired to share and excited for the journey.  They use technology anywhere and everywhere.

Our brand promise is to empower people to achieve more. Because we believe in what people can make possible. Achievement takes many forms – from the exceptional to the everyday, from bold goals to the ongoing journey.

How do we deliver on our promise?

We keep the Microsoft brand promise by delivering experiences that feel human, connected and intelligent. These are the Microsoft brand attributes and should be present in everything we build and do. The way we show it and the way we say it defines our personality – making us approachable, Determined, Empathetic, Passionate, and above all, Real. Making it Microsoft.

Our “Brand Leadership in the Digital Age” e-book is an overview of Microsoft’s Brand Strategy. Covering the forces at work and emerging trends, why brands matter, know your audience, deliver on your promise, how to activate your brand, what matters most, keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid for brand leaders in the digital age.

How do we activate our brand?

We activate our brand in unexpected ways, by stretching beyond the business world into the public sector, the arts, sports and non-profit movements. Making Microsoft relevant in the areas that people are most passionate about.

So what matters most as we manage our brands?

Frankly, everything matters. Because every product, customer service call, campaign, event, and digital property – every touch point defines Microsoft. Our brand is an incredibly powerful asset, and we need to use it wisely.

What are the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid for brand leaders in the digital age?

Don’t be fooled that you’ll always be in control of your brand. The reality is, it’s owned by the world. Recognize the global diversity of the people you serve. There are no boundaries or constraints in the digital age that will limit

Someone from hijacking your brand and taking it where they want. Which can be great when it happens in the right way. But, you need to be ready to quickly react when it happens in the wrong way.

The organizations that rise above the noise, who challenge the convention. The ones who are able to look left when others are looking right, they’re the ones that build better brands. They have the foresight and empathy to see through the eyes of their customers to quickly innovate and deliver differentiated products. When we can share an inspiring story, we break through and win the battle for hearts and minds, cultivating our own tribe of passionate fans.

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