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We launched Windows 10 just over two months ago and adoption has been extremely strong with Windows 10 already running on 110 million devices – a faster adoption rate than Windows 7 or Windows 8. See more about our momentum here.

Customers in retail, corporate and capital markets have become more technically savvy and expect consistent service across all channels. Windows 10 can help financial services organizations deliver on these expectations at a level never before possible, providing experiences and security customers are asking for across the broadest portfolio of devices, including tablet, desktop and smartphones.

One constant piece of feedback we receive from financial services customers is the need for stronger security to protect against modern security threats. Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows we’ve ever built to address cybersecurity threats head-on. With Windows 10, companies can begin to replace passwords with more secure options, such as biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials. With Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, people can log into their Windows 10 device or a line-of-business (LOB) app securely without a password. Capabilities like Device Guard and Secure Boot help block attacks by only allowing devices to run trusted software. Learn more here.

The combination of improved security and greater innovation have prompted many financial services firms to begin the move to Windows 10. Here are a few of the companies that are leading the way.


Bloomberg’s Professional service (aka “The Terminal”) is now compatible with Windows 10 desktops. The Terminal is used by more than 325,000 customers in 174 countries. The powerful, flexible and integrated cloud software service provides financial professionals with access to real-time data, news and analytics that can help them make smarter, faster and more-informed business decisions.

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The Bloomberg Anywhere app, available on the web (and via other mobile platforms), will be supported by the new Microsoft Edge browser, and provide special integration with Microsoft Office. In addition, the Bloomberg Excel Add-in brings the power of the Bloomberg Professional service to Microsoft Excel, combining the power of high-quality, real-time data and live charting tools with proprietary spreadsheets and internal algorithms. The Bloomberg FIX network lets you develop proprietary trading strategies and execute them directly from Excel. And financial services professionals can efficiently format and incorporate models into Microsoft PowerPoint to share with colleagues and clients.


SunGard provides mission critical IT services to approximately 14,000 customers worldwide in virtually every segment of the financial services industry. SunGard’s WealthStation Financial Planning tools, which provide quick assessments of how an individual may achieve his/her retirement goals are now available as a series of five universal Windows applications through the Microsoft Store Front or Microsoft Office 365. With Windows 10, the apps work seamlessly across phone, tablet and PC, and take advantage of touch functionality, as well as integration with Office 365. The five apps, include:

  • Social Security Optimizer: Evaluates the optimal time to file for Social Security benefits
  • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire: Helps determine an appropriate asset allocation based on risk tolerance
  • Sustainable Retirement Income: Assesses how much can be safely withdrawn from assets each year during retirement
  • Earnings Potential: Illustrates earning potential between now and retirement
  • Tax Efficient Drawdown: Displays three tax-efficient ways to balance withdrawals from tax-deferred, taxable and Roth accounts during retirement

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DenizBank, a leading Turkish bank, announced the deployment of a new mobile branch employee initiative, Mobilization of Branch Employees, developed for Windows tablets. Employee tablets are running Inter-Vision, a modern and immersive core banking system, developed by Intertech, DenizBank’s internationally-awarded technology company.

With a Windows tablet in hand, portfolio managers can travel to a customer rather than requiring them to come to the branch. In fact all acquisition, sales and banking processes can be carried out and completed on the go. The solution assists Portfolio managers in navigating smoothly to their customer’s location using Bing Maps and a routing optimization tool enables them to optimize their schedule by calculating distance and traffic volume.

And, thanks to back-end integration with Microsoft Azure, mobile branch employees can view information offsite, including business processes, daily economic bulletins and regulatory documents without needing an internet connection. Finally, the application can suggest the best offers for each customer thanks to its CRM integration.

These solutions would be impossible if not for Windows innovation such as Microsoft Direct Access, which helps DenizBank address Turkey’s strict policies around protecting customer data while still enabling portfolio managers to securely access applications and information remotely.

Collectively, these new capabilities have led to an 800% increase in sales on Windows 8.1 so far with deeper customer loyalty and dramatic efficiencies for portfolio managers. DenizBank plans to upgrade to Windows 10 and complete deployment of its mobile solution companywide by the end of 2015.

Microsoft recognizes the incredible pressure financial institutions are under to operate in highly-regulated environments, but they can still benefit from the latest tools to help them make better, more informed decisions for their organizations and their customers. With Windows 10, they have the additional tools and security they need to improve their own workflow and the outcomes that they provide for customers, wherever they are working.

You can find more information on Windows 10 LOB solutions for Financial Services here.