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The digital revolution is disrupting how banking is done. Banks are eager to evolve, using intelligent, secure and compliant technology to innovate and grow in exciting new ways to deliver differentiated customer experiences. It starts by knowing your customers, then developing solutions that meet their needs. Banks can accelerate growth and loyalty through deeper customer insights and stronger relationships.

  • Modernize payments and core banking. Increase agility to bring to market new products and services, exceeding customer expectations and meeting the challenge of new competitors.
  • Manage risk across the organization. Real-time analysis and detailed insights help manage and mitigate risk, ensuring regulatory compliance today, and in the future.
  • Combat financial crime. Harness the power of AI to identify and eliminate threats, protecting the bank and its customers while being compliant and lowering costs.
  • Empower employees through teamwork. Technology is a tool, but people drive success. Improve employee productivity and accelerate workplace modernization by enhancing collaboration, breaking down silos, and helping provide more secure data access anywhere.


At Microsoft, understanding the banking industry’s needs and objectives is very important to us. We want to empower financial services organizations to become more agile, make smarter decisions, and achieve these transformational outcomes.

We do this by providing a trusted, highly secure and compliant platform that is embedded with pervasive intelligence. Supported by a global partner ecosystem, we offer industry-leading solutions for changing customer expectations, modernizing their banking, meeting complex regulations, dealing with new competitors, combating cyber threats, and enabling a more productive workforce.

We’re thrilled with our customers’ recent successes as we’ve worked together to embrace change and unlock new value with the likes of Metro Bank, UBS, TD Bank, and Nedbank. We are committed to helping customers in their ongoing digital transformation journeys.

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