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The Microsoft Multi-Cloud Service Delivery and End-to-End Management Reference Architecture defines how management support systems can coordinate the simple management interface aspects of an application or service with the associated state, health, and welfare of underlying cloud and network resources. Business and consumer services delivered in today’s digital economy are increasingly dependent upon resources distributed across a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders. The processes of creating content, delivering service, and managing the overall experience end-to-end in this multi-service provider and multi-cloud environment have become challenging. The sheer scale of virtualization at the elastic compute and network layers makes the problem of managing resources associated with cloud services more difficult. And multiple clouds and multiple enterprise domains are increasingly involved in the delivery of cloud services, further complicating resource management.

To address these issues, the TM Forum developed the Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution. It defines the concept of an SES Service that exposes both a functional interface as well as an explicit interface for the management of a service or a service composition. Microsoft cloud platforms provide the necessary features and APIs to enable developers to create services and applications that expose simple management interfaces as outlined by the SES Management Solution. Windows Server with Hyper-V technology together with Microsoft System Center enables the creation and deployment of manageable mission-critical business and consumer applications for the on-premises cloud. For off-premises cloud solutions, Windows Azure also provides the necessary APIs that can be used to create and expose simple management interfaces for any service hosted on Windows Azure. In addition, there are Monitoring Packs for Windows Azure applications and for SQL Azure for System Center to help manage cloud and hybrid cloud hosted business applications and consumer services end-to-end.

To learn more about how the Microsoft Reference Architecture for Multi-Cloud Service Delivery and End-to-End Management can help deliver significantly better user experiences, better end-to-end operations management capabilities, and greatly improved developer efficiencies, download the white paper below.