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Much has been written about the changing landscape of Media technology and the (increasingly) important need to gauge customer behavior and advertising effectiveness accurately. Indeed the issues and competitive needs are well understood but the art of envisioning and transitioning to effective, new business models can be daunting. Here is what we know:

  • Media data is growing exponentially: for each 1 million viewers, media data for planning and marketing is growing by 200 million records per day; 6 billion transactions per day and accelerating at 10-20% per quarter.
  • The need for REAL TIME data and analysis as facilitated by the cloud and the ability for that analytical capability to be spread across the organization are essential to enhancing agility and competitive position.
  • Employing multiple, readily available technologies (Machine Learning for predictive analytics; structured and unstructured data tools for collection, management and analysis; strong visualization tools to share data broadly and hasten decision time) strongly advantage industry leaders.

… and here is what we believe from discussions in the industry:

  • Increasingly media industry leaders are NOT looking to “roll their own” but instead are looking to partner with companies that have wide and proven capabilities in the cloud and on premise; employ a diverse partner ecosystem themselves and are backed by strong security, privacy and compliance safeguards.

Audiences are the new currency. With advertisers wanting ever more targeted audiences, audience data proliferating across numerous platforms and readily consumable analysis tools available for sellers to mine the opportunities, success can be near at hand. The keys to that success will continue to be:

  • Full support of executive management
  • An obsession with a single version of the truth
  • Having the right information, right user, right format and right device
  • A scalable and predictable platform
  • A reliable partner who emphasizes broad, proven analysis capabilities that can empower insights across the enterprise.

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