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How can an airline get business travelers more excited about flying with them?

That’s the question Virgin Atlantic asks itself every day. And the way it answers it is by embracing new, immersive and unexpected ways of delivering powerful experiences for their customers.

This also includes embracing a whole new way to let their future customers experience what it would be like to fly with Virgin Atlantic.

“We needed a way to show our ultimate travel experience so we teamed up with Microsoft to create an app that showcases the advantages that we can provide to our business travelers,” shares Reuben Arnold, Virgin Atlantic’s senior VP of marketing & customer experience in this new video, where he and his team talk more about their “Let it Fly” philosophy and how they worked with Microsoft to bring it to life through technology.

In a guest post on the Microsoft Business Matters Blog, Arnold also shares more about the resulting creation: an immersive digital adventure (IDA) built using a Windows 10 universal app that allows the viewer to experience what it’s like to be in upper class on an actual flight.

And you can head over to the Windows Experience Blog to learn more about how Windows 10 is helping make Virgin Atlantic’s experience incredibly unique, offering choice to their customers in how they experience Virgin Atlantic, and setting them apart from their competition.

We’re excited to see this Windows 10 digital experience take flight!

LinkedIn: Greg Jones Twitter: @gjonesMSFT