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Growth. Innovation. Transformation. There are so many possibilities for new digital technologies to radically change the aviation industry, propelling it forward more efficiently and profitably. One of the most exciting examples I’ve seen recently is the use of cloud computing on the airport runway that will significantly be able to help save fuel, money and impact on the environment.

In this new video, watch how cloud computing is empowering scientists in the UK to untangle these airport operations and create a model that will one day recommend better paths for every plane.

The same power of advanced analytics being applied to aircraft taxiing is ripe for the taking in other areas of the commercial aviation industry for big gains, especially in the aircraft itself.

To make it even easier to do this, Microsoft recently released a public preview version of the Cortana Analytics Predictive Maintenance for Aerospace Solution Template. This template can be used to both monitor the aircraft in real time, and predict the remaining useful life of aircraft engine components so that maintenance can be scheduled in a way to prevent mechanical failures.

When you think of how even small improvements in aircraft efficiencies like fuel utilization can often save tens of millions of dollars, the opportunities are truly phenomenal.

Another benefit of the new and better insights you can receive from the aircraft will allow the industry to design things in new and efficient ways.

With the intense pressure to reduce carbon use, my colleague on the Microsoft Manufacturing Industry team Simon Floyd offers some great insights for the aviation industry on the role that technology can play in making aircraft parts, and the design process itself, more efficient.

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