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In my last post, I talked about the exciting possibilities for new digital technologies to transform the aviation industry, from the runway to the aircraft. One of the biggest transformative opportunities I am seeing is in the cockpit itself.

Airlines are opting to digitize the electronic flight bag (EFB), replacing the 40-50 pounds of heavy paper flight bags, which enable pilots to plan, file, and fly quickly and accurately. And for ExpressJet, one of the world’s largest airlines, going digital is game-changing for its pilots.

In this new video, ExpressJet Airline Captain Renee Devereux talks about the benefits of her airline’s move to a Microsoft Surface 3 Electronic Flight Bag using Windows 10, including access to crucial real-time data.

“Safety is the most important part of my job and having up-to-date, current information does help us operate a safer flight. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the airline industry and the Jeppesen EFB on Windows 10 is a huge timesaver for our pilots.”

To hear ExpressJet’s full story and learn how other airlines are benefitting from Windows-based EFBs, including improvements in safe decision-making, cost-savings, employee morale, and improved communications, head over to our Windows for Your Business Blog and read our new case study.

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