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Digital transformation is changing the paradigms in all sectors of industry, and the mining industry is no exception. Mining is a critical foundation of the Peruvian economy, and digital transformation in mining will keep it at the forefront. I work with customers to help them use actionable data to make decisions that keep the environment and their employees safe from harm.

Rafael OropezaI am Rafael Oropeza, a Digital Advisor working out of Florida, with roots in Latin America. Microsoft Digital Advisory Services is a team within Microsoft Services. Digital Advisors bring their expertise, as well as Microsoft’s resources, experience and innovation, to empower organizations to reach their digital aspirations. We partner to drive a program of change to build our customers’ digital business, and our website can be found here: Microsoft Digital Advisory Services.

The convergence of geosciences, mining, operations and control systems, as well as the provisioning of power and lighting to places only previously served through radiotrunking, is enabling many innovations. Digital transformation in mining has enabled companies to:

  • Process images captured by autonomous mining vehicles to estimate water needs inside leaching piles, identify areas that have experienced settling, and calculate and/or predict output volumes,
  • Run remote operation centers with predictive capabilities, where specialists can make better operational, tactical and strategic decisions than they could in operations centers near the mining sites,
  • Provide mining operations managers accurate and timely visibility into their entire production chain by using cloud and IoT technologies,
  • Create integrated training experiences by simulating mining conditions using augmented reality, and
  • Control and increase utilization of production and maintenance assets using machine learning and data analytics.

Embracing digital transformation in mining will enable companies to compete effectively in this global marketplace. I’m excited about Microsoft’s participation in making this future a reality.