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I’m looking forward to the Cloud Wars Expo, set for June 28 to 30, 2022, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is a premier cloud-centric event in the market, and we will be joining several other providers and have the opportunity to connect with our customers and partners. Perhaps best of all, the event is once again live and in-person.

We’ll be highlighting our industry cloud offerings: Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Microsoft Cloud for Retail, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, and the just-released Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. We believe our differentiating approach to industry-specific clouds brings industry relevance to the Microsoft Cloud and leads the market in its ability to enable customers to transform at their own pace, through a modular, extendable, and scalable architecture. The industry clouds empower every employee to collaborate and make more impact, engage customers, and gain a competitive edge with real-time data, AI-driven insights, and automated workflows.

Here’s how.

Our cloud reimagines manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing transforms core manufacturing processes and requirements. It’s designed to digitally empower the workforce, create safer and more agile factories, build more resilient supply chains, and unlock innovation that leads to new products.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing meets all manufacturers’ needs. It spans application infrastructure; data and AI; developer tools and services; security, compliance, identity, and management; productivity and collaboration; and business process.

It also provides unmatched predictive power, increases data-driven decision-making speed, and expands with analytics that scale across the entire data estate. A business can reshape how teams work and fuel the organization’s next generation of innovation with world-class, industry-leading AI.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the fourth industrial revolution is no longer hype. Disruptions stemming from COVID-19 are here to stay, and every manufacturer needs to be on a digital journey. We’re ready to help.

Financial services get a boost when data delivers more

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services manages data that delivers tailored customer experiences, gives employees the power to do more, and combats financial crime—all while improving security, compliance, and interoperability.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services benefits that industry in multiple ways. It creates unified customer profiles with a 360-degree view of data, self-service mobile tools to streamline customer onboarding, financial summaries at one’s fingertips to drive engagement, and workflow automation and intelligent tools to orchestrate processes.

It also helps financial services employees work flexibly; learn, collaborate, and innovate from anywhere; and use tools that enable people closest to the business problem to solve it.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services integrates cloud services across our offerings—Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform—all underpinned by an industry data model with new capabilities and customization. It was also designed for even the most complex control frameworks and regulatory requirements, with multi-layered security, comprehensive compliance, and trust commitments all built-in.

Retailers connect to consumers in a more meaningful way

Retail has seen profound changes in recent years, from the rise of online shopping to disruptions caused by COVID-19. That makes it more important than ever for retailers to connect with customers in meaningful ways.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail makes that possible. It takes data and creates customer insights that lead to deeper connections. It transforms the shopping experience with new technology that builds strong customer relationships. It helps secure supply chains. And it empowers employees to improve customer satisfaction.

Like all our clouds, Microsoft Cloud for Retail protects businesses and customer data with built-in platform capabilities from the leader in cloud-native security and compliance. Microsoft invests $1 billion annually in security, and more than 3,500 full-time security professionals use AI tools to analyze more than eight trillion signals daily and respond to security threats around the world.

Transform the healthcare journey

Few things matter as much to people as their health and wellbeing. Now Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides trusted, integrated capabilities that make it easier to improve the entire healthcare experience. And outcomes-focused AI solutions from Microsoft + Nuance help you innovate for the future.

Healthcare needs tools that create better patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, boost clinician productivity, and more. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare creates opportunities to achieve those goals.

Integrating AI and machine learning into the healthcare frontline processes allows for a variety of benefits, including easing workflows, and analyzing large data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, and at a lower cost. But it also has the power to help significantly reduce the overwhelming burden of administrative tasks that have made it so difficult for healthcare workers to do what inspired them to go into medicine in the first place. 

Accelerate your sustainability journey

Microsoft is committed to operating a more environmentally sustainable cloud. With the recently released Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, a business can measure, report on, and reduce its environmental impact through actionable insights.

Our own sustainability journey began when we set our first carbon goal more than a decade ago. This led us to better organize our data and realign our company’s vision and strategy with our sustainability goals. We continue to build on our commitments to innovate and invest in technologies that address environmental sustainability and to transparently share our achievements and setbacks so that we can all learn together.

That experience has energized us to help our customers accelerate their own progress. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability provides the intelligence and data management capabilities organizations need to respond to changes with agility and confidence.

See you at Cloud Wars

I’m looking forward to meeting customers at the Cloud Wars Expo and talking about both our sustainability initiatives and our industry cloud offerings. Be sure to check out our booth and visit the cloud sessions where we’ll be making our case: Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, and Sustainability.