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Arthur T. (A.T.) Ball has spent the majority of his life in the public safety industry. He served 30 years in the U.S. Army and then transitioned to a career at Microsoft as Managing Director of Public Safety and National Security in Asia.

When Ball wrote a blog, found here, on the two primary areas in public safety that need to be prioritized by 2026 to keep citizens safer, we listened.

  1. The Maritime Domain is threatened by piracy, security breaches, human smuggling, natural disasters, and theft of natural resources. These threats will increase by 2026, partly due to climate change and migration to urban centers. Read the full blog to learn how technologies and new policies can help solve these challenges.
  2. The Cyber Domain has evolved from kids in a garage hacking your bank account to state-sponsored cyber warfare and massive criminal enterprises. Read the full blog to learn how to decrease your systems’ vulnerabilities and keep yourself, your company, and your country protected from virtual attacks.

As the world evolves over the next decade, Ball advises that we are going to face more uncertainties and challenges to overcome in the area of public safety. But early investment in technology infrastructure can help officials manage these risks, and mitigate the consequences.

Want to learn more? Read A.T. Ball’s full blog to learn more.

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