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As Kathryn Willson recently wrote, more than 50 of our Microsoft CityNext partners will be with us at Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) November 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain.

Many of those partners will be showcasing solutions that can help you make your city safer.

Recent headlines tell the story of the public safety risks cities face—from crime and terrorism to fires and floods. At SCEWC, you’ll learn how you can use digital solutions from our CityNext partners to help you address neighborhood, emergency, judicial, and prison management and improve incident response.

For example, with Intelligence-Led First Response solutions, you can ingest data from tools such as sensors, video surveillance, automated license plate readers, body-worn cameras, citizen social media posts, and more. And you can apply machine learning and analytics to all this data. That way, first responders can gain a clear operational picture to help them make critical decisions in near real-time.

What’s more, with CityNext solutions, you can take advantage of cloud services to collaborate across jurisdictions, as well as with public and private entities so you can respond to incidents in a unified, effective, and efficient manner.

Improve situational awareness

One of our partners that’s using the cloud to empower city departments with unified security and surveillance information is Genetec—and you can see its Security Center solution at Smart City Expo.

Police, fire, and other departments can use Security Center to manage images from video security, access control, and license plate recognition cameras across cities to help them cut crime. Being able to visualize where incidents are happening and where the nearest resources are can help cities make better, more informed crisis decisions.

Watch this two-minute video to see how one city improved its livability with a Genetec solution.

Use facial recognition in near real-time

Another exciting CityNext solution you can learn about at SCEWC is the Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP) from our partner iOmniscient. It can provide facial recognition and automated responses to enhance public safety.

For instance, ASAP can use advanced video analytics to spot an abandoned object in a crowded scene and raise an alert. It can record the face of the person who dropped the bag and transmit the image to all the other cameras in the network to search for the suspect. If the person of interest is identified on a camera, it can alert a first responder nearest to the camera with information about the situation and how to get to the suspect’s last location.

The ASAP system not only helps authorities respond more quickly, but also more effectively because they have knowledge of the situation before getting there. In cities where ASAP has been deployed, it has reduced the response time from an average of 25 minutes to less than 5 minutes.

Watch this two-minute video to see how ASAP works.

We hope to see you at Smart City Expo where you can learn more about how you can make your city safer with solutions from Genetec, iOmniscient, and our other partners.
And keep an eye out for upcoming blogs previewing more CityNext solutions that will be showcased at SCEWC.

Meantime, check out our event page for up-to-date details on what Microsoft and our partners are doing at the Expo, to sign up for our pre-day event, and to request a one-on-one meeting with one of our subject matter experts.