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Microsoft Canada is looking forward to hosting this week’s “Digital Government Transformation and Empowering Healthcare” executive briefing for British Columbia’s public sector and healthcare leaders. We expect hundreds of attendees to join us in Victoria for the March 1 invitation-only event, including elected and appointed government officials, senior civil servants, agency ministers and deputy ministers, and C-suite medical leaders.

Our goal in hosting this gathering is to help Canadian government and healthcare leaders better serve citizens and patients by:

  • Achieving a balance between cloud-based digital transformation and the need to maintain trust, security, privacy and compliance.
  • Accelerating sustainable, smart-city technologies that enhance quality of life.
  • Addressing the cybersecurity threat at all levels of government to protect national security and sensitive, personally identifiable data.

Balancing cloud adoption and citizen trust

Microsoft wants to empower Canada to take advantage of digital and cloud technologies to help their citizens, the private sector and government functions achieve more while remaining compliant with provincial and federal laws. Our Microsoft Azure cloud platform leads the industry with more certifications than any other cloud provider. Our cloud datacenter in Canada is part of Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure of 100-plus datacenters, serving more than 140 countries with one of the most connected networks in the world. We recognize that British Columbia has specific privacy regulations that require us to do even more than other provinces or countries. As a result, we’ve developed a trusted data collaborative model that helps the government create a strategy for securely sharing data between municipalities, government functions, the private sector and beyond its borders. Microsoft also has launched a roadmap called A Cloud for Global Good to help policymakers adopt laws to ensure a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud that benefits all.

Smart-city technologies

Microsoft has invested significant intellectual capital into helping create smart, sustainable cities. Our CityNext initiative is all about empowering cities across Canada and around the world to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive smart and sustainable, digital-city solutions. Our secure, Azure platform enables these smart-city solutions, leading to educated, healthier, safer and sustainable communities that embrace digital innovations. We believe this is an especially timely topic given the Trudeau administration’s recent launch of the Smart City Challenge, as reported in IT World Canada.


Microsoft is working to protect government agencies from new cyber threats. We are dedicated to providing secure, trusted cloud solutions, and complete customer transparency to thwart cybersecurity breaches. I believe we have the best collection of cybersecurity experts in the industry. Our Digital Crimes Unit and the Cyber Defense Operations Center work in close partnership with the Canadian government and international law enforcement agencies to analyze, detect and protect against cybersecurity threats across public and private sectors.

We encourage you to learn how governments and health service providers are harnessing the cloud to deliver secure, digital solutions by taking advantage of these free resources:

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