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Taqtile logoI’m excited to join customers and partners today at Smart Cities NYC ‘17, where we are joining with Taqtile for the U.S. launch of Manifest, a revolutionary Windows 10 and Microsoft HoloLens solution, which we believe has the potential to transform industrial operations and government field inspections.

HoloLens has captured the imagination of many industries with its ability to naturally blend 3D holograms and digital content with reality.

Taqtile, a leading 3D app development firm is building innovative mixed reality-based solutions on Windows 10 and HoloLens, partnering with CGI, WorleyParsons’ Digital Enterprise and various Microsoft groups to show the “art of the possible” of how government organizations and enterprises can collaborate to improve productivity and efficiency of predictive maintenance and inspection processes.

Productivity, accuracy, quality

Today, many government organizations and enterprises in manufacturing, utilities, transportation and other industries are experiencing a plateau in productivity growth as the number of skilled workers shrinks while maintenance and inspection job openings rise. As a result, there is a widening gap between the current labor force and requirements to work in these fields. Mixed reality technology can help address this challenge.

Together with Microsoft, Taqtile has developed a new field inspection and maintenance solution for governments and enterprises using the power of HoloLens, the security of Windows 10 and the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Taqtile Manifest delivers integrated 3D visualization, predictive maintenance and an inspection capability for manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and oil and gas industries. Workers in these regulated industries can now combine 3D holograms and digital content within their own reality to greatly improve workplace productivity, accuracy and quality. Inspection processes also can be performed at a new level of efficiency and collaboration across enterprise and government organizations. Taqtile Manifest provides greater efficiency and effectiveness by:

  • Allowing an industry worker in the field to follow expert-developed instructions to maintain or repair equipment with their hands free.
  • Training new workers through a mixed-reality environment incorporating step-by-step instructions and remote experts within their real-world space.
  • Providing managers of field teams with visibility on Power BI dashboards to schedule predictive maintenance, oversee all work and ensure accuracy.
  • Enabling a field inspector to see digital versions of maintenance records to ensure that respective facilities are in compliance.
  • Ensuring that both the company and government inspectors are working off the same data to meet safety and compliance regulations.

Features and benefits

Taqtile Manifest, built on Windows 10-powered HoloLens and Azure, offers many unique features and benefits for industries subject to government inspections:

  • Mixed-reality environment that increases efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration among all roles, including, for the first time, the inspector.
  • Immediate deployment capability of usable training and instructions on real-world equipment.
  • Flexibility to author written and video content in the HoloLens or upload existing files in various formats, including pre-recorded videos and Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents.
  • Government-grade security and scalability of Windows 10 and Azure.
  • Better training for new workers to address the growing shortage of skilled technicians to fill increasing job openings.
  • Enhanced collaboration for regulators and industries, working toward the shared goals of safety and compliance.
  • Integration of inspections and predictive maintenance.

Taqtile’s John Tomizuka shared that Manifest transforms an inspection checklist into a comprehensive 3D, mixed-reality environment, driven by information that lives in Azure. “This solution is completely back-end driven, generating data that’s viewed in HoloLens,” he explained.

Taqtile Manifest focuses on four key users involved in government field inspections: the inspector, operator, manager and “author,” the person responsible for using HoloLens to create or enter instructions, regulatory information, records and content. Taqtile’s Kelly Malone notes that each inspection role can independently use Manifest “but it becomes extremely powerful when it’s used across roles” to produce a more integrated, accurate inspection process.

Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service solution brings Taqtile Manifest even closer to customers in regulated industries and within the public sector. Both sides see the potential for greater efficiency and effectiveness by digitally transforming government field inspections with the power and security of Windows 10-based HoloLens and the Microsoft cloud. “Mixed reality applications powered by Hololens, Azure and Windows 10 have the potential to disrupt the way that our government and industry clients perform work in the field, as well as streamline regulatory collaboration to reduce burden and drive efficiencies,” said William LaBar, CGI federal vice president. “Imagine the combination of (Internet of Things) data with this solution and we are rapidly moving from reactive to proactive, and then predictive maintenance and inspection workflows.” You can learn more about this innovative solution by contacting your Microsoft account manager, sending an email to info@taqtile.com or by visiting: