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At Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), you’ll be able to see how you can empower your citizens with access to high-quality healthcare and education in ways that are more economically viable, efficient, and scalable than ever before. As Trudy Norris-Grey recently wrote, dozens of our most innovative CityNext partners will be there demonstrating how you can take advantage of the transformative power of digital technology and an intelligent cloud to do so.

Star Storage is a great example of a CityNext partner that can help you digitally transform your city’s health services to empower better health and quality of life for more people at lower costs. Microsoft and our partners are dedicated to helping cities offer easier access to timely, affordable, high-quality health and social services. This is more important than ever as municipalities face aging populations, sharp increases in chronic ailments, and potential disease outbreaks in their communities.

Smart, connected solutions from our partners span population health, primary care, virtual health and remote care, coordinated care programs, case management, and social benefits administration. You can learn more about how these solutions can help you empower better health for your citizens by visiting our Microsoft in Health page and by downloading the free eBooks: A Digital Transformation in Health and Virtual Health: Enabling telecollaboration, telehealth, and telemedicine.


At Smart City Expo, you can also see solutions for smart buildings in education from our CityNext partner Iconics. You can learn how Iconics can help educational facilities in your city transform energy management with cloud-based insights. It helped Peirce School in Arlington, MA, do just that with a system to monitor heating and cooling equipment that sped problem detection by 15 percent, reduced energy consumption, and cut outside contractor costs.

Schools need facilities that are operationally efficient and provide healthy learning environments for students. Facilities and Energy Efficiency solutions like those from Iconics can help schools save money through fault detection, preemptive fault prediction, and efficient prioritization.

Iconics is just one of our CityNext partners helping cities improve private and public education. Learn more about solutions from our CityNext partners that span educational management operations, analytics, research, learning systems, and school and campus administration on our Educated Cities page. With these solutions, you can drive more innovation and cost-effective services in schools—and ultimately better learning outcomes for your citizens.

Stay tuned and learn more

Check out our event page for up-to-date details on what Microsoft and our CityNext partners are doing at Smart City Expo. There, you can sign up for our pre-day event on November 13 and request an on-site meeting with one or more of our subject matter experts.

Plus, keep an eye out for upcoming blogs previewing more CityNext solutions that will be showcased at the event.

In the meantime, learn more about CityNext.