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Agencies like yours are using video more than ever to prevent and solve crime, and to provide more transparency to the public. That means you need to capture, analyze, share, and store ever-increasing video data efficiently and cost-effectively. And you need to do so in a way that helps you meet your privacy, security, and compliance requirements. Scalable and connective intelligent cloud capabilities can help. By your video management with trusted cloud and hybrid solutions, you can:

Quickly harness video content to meet policing, incident response, and judicial needs

With cloud computing, you can have elastic capabilities to accommodate spikes in demand for video content—such as live video at the time of an incident. You can process more video data faster with the high-performance computing power of the cloud. And you can gain insights in near real-time using advanced cloud analytics for facial recognition, speech or text search, identifying characteristics of suspects, and more. That can help you improve policing, investigations, and evidence for criminal court cases.

With cloud services, you can also enable better situational and operational awareness by sharing video and insights across first responders, agencies, and command centers—with enhanced security and compliance. That way, incident responses can be orchestrated in an efficient, cohesive manner to help improve public safety.

Provide more transparency and accountability in policing

You can meet citizens’ demands for transparency and accountability in policing more thoroughly and efficiently with cloud capabilities. For example, you can capture digital video from virtually any source to which your agency has consensual and legal access—not just cameras you own—to help you provide a holistic account of an incident. We partner with leading video capture companies in the industry—from body-worn cameras and vehicle video systems to drones and robots to fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras such as security or traffic cams—so you can capture video with more devices.

And with the cloud, you can automate redaction of video so you can quickly share video with the public, while protecting people’s privacy.

Manage the growing volume of video data cost-effectively

Reduce on-premises data center infrastructure sprawl—and corresponding capital expenditures—by using the cloud for secure and compliant video storage, analytics, and retrieval. Flexible cloud-based options can help you scale as needed for rapidly increasing data from video sources in law enforcement (such as dash cams, body-worn cameras, UAV, and ground-based robot video), as well as other video sources to which you have consensual and legal access, such as government-owned cameras (like CCTV, surveillance, and traffic cameras) and businesses’ security cameras.

Our cloud and hybrid solutions can interoperate with your existing legacy systems. And they can help your agency comply with key standards for information security, such as CJIS, FISMA, ISO, and PCI. What’s more, you can scale and pay as you go for cloud services as an operating expense—rather than a capital expenditure—which can help you get the digital resources you need within budget constraints.

Start transforming your video management now

The above are just a few examples of how you can digitally transform your video management. To learn more, see success stories, and find a partner visit our Video Management solution page.