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Read the announcement: Microsoft and Mastercard collaboration

Empowering cities around the world to become more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive requires a team effort. That’s why our partner ecosystem is integral to our CityNext initiative. And it’s why we’re thrilled that today at Smart Cities NY, Mastercard announced our joint effort to help cities gain better insight into the economic health of their communities and understand potential impacts to their economy.

Mastercard and Microsoft will bring together our respective payment, data, and cloud technologies to make it faster and easier for cities to visualize economic activities and model scenarios to help inform their decision making. Together, we’ll create a global exchange platform that links data from across public and private entities.

London and Chicago are piloting the solution to model the impact of planned and unplanned events. That way, they can make data-driven decisions about the best places and times to hold events or anticipate how a major weather event could affect different parts of the city—as just a couple of examples.

It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities for how cities and their citizens will benefit from the collective outcomes of working together. For instance, cities could better understand the factors contributing to the economic success or challenges of certain neighborhoods and plan policy actions accordingly.