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U.S. state and local governments are transforming how employees collaborate and redefining teamwork with digital innovations that deliver efficiencies and better services to citizens. This transformation is even more impressive considering that cities, counties and states face the same workplace collaboration issues as all organizations, with the added challenge of remaining in compliance with rigorous privacy, security and other regulations enforced by the federal government.

Empowering government collaboration

Here are a few examples of how cloud-based collaboration and communications capabilities are empowering organizations across the nation to modernize, streamline daily work, drive greater efficiency and productivity, and improve citizen services:

  • With hurricanes, forest fires and other natural disasters capturing headlines, states need to quickly deal with emergencies that put people, neighborhoods and infrastructure at risk. State agencies working on a recent emergency response used Microsoft Teams for the U.S. Government Community Cloud (GCC) to collaborate, communicate and share updates as the devastation and recovery efforts progressed. The real-time coordination enabled the state’s leadership to make faster, more informed decisions about public safety, determine when evacuated residents could return to their homes and announce disaster recovery efforts.
  • Washington’s King County and the State of Illinois are addressing an ongoing trend in government: loss of institutional knowledge. A large portion of Illinois state employees will retire in the next few years and recent research by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence reflects that government retirements are increasing at the same time it’s becoming more difficult to fill key positions. King County and the Land of Lincoln are building knowledge repositories of experienced professionals, documenting best practices and helping a new generation of employees get up to speed quickly through Microsoft Teams. With a complete chat and online meetings solution in place, both entities also are better able to attract and retain new talent that expects modern, user-friendly workplace tools.
  • A large city and county committed to inclusivity wanted to ensure its website content could be easily consumed by people with dyslexia, color blindness and other disabilities. By leveraging the latest Office 365 accessibility functionality, these municipalities are demonstrating what it means to be an inclusive government that embraces equality.

Learn more: Oct. 24 virtual event

It’s exciting to see city, county and state government decision-makers using trusted cloud solutions to innovate, achieve their missions and fulfill the expectations of constituents. To learn more, please join the Transform collaboration in government with Microsoft Teams virtual event at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Oct. 24. Speakers from King County, the State of Illinois, other governments and Microsoft will share the most recent developments and challenges in workplace collaboration and how to enable more efficient teamwork.

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