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With increasing urbanization worldwide, growing city populations are straining citizen and social services. City leaders face challenges and pressures ranging from overburdened child and elder care systems to a homelessness epidemic that shows no sign of stopping. With a staggering 554,000 people experiencing homelessness in the US, at least 10 cities and counties have been prompted to declare states of emergency. From 2015-2016, the UK spent 29.9 billion pounds on social healthcare services. On top of this, digital technology has skyrocketed, and citizens have new expectations for digital services. Cities must enable innovative digital services that empower sustainability, prosperity, and inclusivity to meet the increasing demand on municipal services while keeping citizens satisfied and costs under control.

Building healthier, more prosperous cities starts with putting citizens at the center, engaging residents and local businesses with all of the city services they need and enabling residents to live happier and healthier lives in a “smart” environment. In the city of the future, communities and organizations easily ensure broad, efficient access to childhood education, worker retraining, and other vital citizen and social programs that can be digitally connected. A connected city of tomorrow also leverages the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge, empowering citizens to access social health services via digital apps, enhancing social care visits with deeper insight into citizen needs and more efficient delivery, and enabling citizens to easily engage with their cities—from reporting city issues to accessing services like permit or driver’s license applications via mobile devices.

Communities around the world are embracing digital transformation and making the city of the future a reality for citizens today.

Microsoft’s vision – Improve citizen and social care

Microsoft and Microsoft CityNext partners are helping cities become more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive, and adaptable. Using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and machine learning, cities are increasing collaboration and communication among multidisciplinary teams to provide the best expertise and cohesive services across social care and housing organizations. With Microsoft’s intelligent cloud-based platform, city leaders are engaging citizens via digital services that are accessible on any device, anywhere—in a private and highly secure way. Intelligent edge is empowering municipalities to easily enhance public health and improve citizen services with mobile, artificially intelligent, and IoT-enabled solutions that provide multiple channels for civic leaders and administrators to communicate and engage directly with citizens—for services ranging from educating the public to providing broader access to care. For example, in Barcelona, Bismart collaborated with the city to bring together data from many different sources and created a big data solution in the cloud. This allowed the city to gain new insights and predictions on the services their citizens need. Across citizen and social care services, Microsoft and Microsoft CityNext partners are enabling city leaders to leverage data-driven, actionable insights to optimize operational effectiveness and improve citizen satisfaction.

Partners carrying out the CityNext vision

Microsoft is working with a variety of partners to help cities around the globe embrace digital transformation and enhance citizen and social care. At the Smart City Expo World Congress, two partners will join Microsoft along with several other partners in showcasing the city of the future.

KPMG Adoxio leverage the power of Microsoft Apps, Dynamics 365 and CRM portals to help governments achieve people-centric productivity, citizen value creation and government cost management. VeloCITY 365 is a robust citizen engagement platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed to help local governments and government agencies streamline their processes, efficiently address local issues and citizen complaints and requests.

Spanning road, rail, buildings, water and wastewater, and electric and gas utilities, Bentley solutions show how integrated workflows and a connected data environment are rapidly changing our cities to make real-world differences.

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Providing efficient, effective, and exceptional services to citizens, especially services as critical and resource-intensive as social care, is increasingly difficult with the rapid growth of city populations. Cities must embrace a new approach, using innovative technology, to keep up with the public’s needs. Microsoft and Microsoft CityNext partners are helping municipalities improve citizen and social care today, while preparing for further urban growth tomorrow.

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