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Microsoft has developed one of the largest technology ecosystem in the world, which provides opportunities for our partners in the defense industrial base to digitally transform and deliver mission capability.

With our partners we seek to:

  • Help securely advance missions across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace to promote stability and security for people, nations, and multinational alliances.
  • Enable digital transformation and leverage the power of technology to optimize missions and empower innovation for defense and intelligence organizations.
  • Adjust to rapidly changing requirements and empower personnel by modernizing military workplaces; delivering trusted and secure infrastructure and services; protecting the information domain and growing cyber force capabilities; and enhancing data-driven decisions.
  • Find support in a powerful global network of partners who understand how to empower militaries, improve operations, and protect national security while focusing on trust, security, and compliance.

The depth of our technology portfolio empowers partners to build innovative products and services that enable virtually any scenario or function for any customer, anywhere.

As markets and entire industries rapidly evolve, Microsoft continues to deliver what partners need to innovate and drive digital transformation for public sector organizations worldwide.

This year, we introduced the new Defense and Intelligence Award Category in Partner of the Year Awards.

Thanks to our finalists for their commitment and strong partnership to support the Defense and Intelligence mission:

  • CloudFit Software—Founded and led by ex-Microsoft Cloud Pioneers who helped build and run Microsoft’s own clouds. Now in partnership with Microsoft, CloudFit leverages this experience to simplify and accelerate our Defense and Intelligence customers’ cloud journey through Managed Cloud Transformation, Managed Monitoring Experience, and Managed Application Development.  CloudFit uses its own innovative cloud management platform, CFS TM, for advanced telemetry and automation to ensure that every mission system is performant, healthy and secure.
  • Kognitiv Spark—RemoteSpark is a secure, low-bandwidth remote guidance delivery solution that leverages mixed reality allowing for point-to-point communications and data sharing to support critical functions and decision making for engineers, technicians, and other operators. This tool has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of defense, with significant input from military personnel. This mixed reality capability allows for subject matter experts to guide end-users through complex tasks and to transfer task-relevant 3D assets which appear as holograms in the end-user’s real world environment, supporting task comprehension and situational awareness. RemoteSpark has been used in the defense and public sector to prevent critical downtime events costing between $50,000 to $1 million a day and can operate it’s backend entirely on-premise ensuring that data is routed in accordance with even the most rigorous data governance policies
  • Myriad Technologies—has developed an advanced and cyber secure Interoperability and information exchange platform (S2IX). S2IX platform supports multiple mission types and profiles and offers full cloud enablement from strategic environments, to operational and  tactical deployments and manages all data from planning through Intelligence. In a first of type capability delivering mission support with zero trust, cyber safe practices, S2IX can be delivered on Microsoft Azure Stack portfolio to support hybrid cloud deployments for multi-domains and across multi-security levels. More information is available here What is S2IX? | S2IX.

We are happy to announce our 2021 Global Defense and Intelligence Partner of the Year: Thales Global, a global technology leader investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations that include big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.

As a Microsoft partner, Thales fulfills missions in a wide range of markets, including defense, where the Nexium Defence Cloud Edge brings mission-decisiveness, agility, effectiveness, interoperability and security levels based on Microsoft’s Azure hybrid cloud services.

In the Security market, Thales integrated its Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSM) with Microsoft’s Double Key Encryption to provide businesses with control over their encrypted data, in line with regulatory requirements and regardless of their industry. In Space, DeeperVision, an automated image processing solution developed by Thales Alenia Space, was added to Azure Orbital to process space satellite imagery at cloud-scale.

I want to thank our partners for their commitment, their incredible skillsets, and their willingness to collaborate with us to build a more secure world.