In his speech to partners at the recent Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reminded us that pretty much all the products he’s worked on during his career at Microsoft have been partner led. “It means a lot,” he said. “What you have done in terms of the feedback you give us, the push you give us, that constant pursuit you have for customer success.”

In the healthcare industry, in particular, partners have taken up–at very fast pace–an innovative and leadership role developing solutions that demonstrate a constant pursuit of customer success. These solutions transform the delivery of care, making it future-proof and ready for a mobile-first and cloud-first world. From cloud and mobility solutions that save care workers time to apps that improve patient engagement and enhance multi-disciplinary collaboration, our partners are literally reinventing healthcare bolstered by Microsoft productivity and the cloud platform at its core.

One such company is Winvision, the 2014 Microsoft Healthcare Partner of the Year. A software developer and systems integrator based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Winvision recently launched WinCare, a cloud enabled and mobile solution that promises to transform the delivery of youth care across municipalities.

Faced with escalating healthcare costs, starting in 2015 the Dutch government will decentralize youth, elderly, and family services, transferring these responsibilities to more than 400 municipalities throughout the country. At the same time, the government is cutting the budget for these services by 15–20 percent. This presents a potentially huge challenge for municipalities throughout the Netherlands. Yet thanks to WinCare, municipalities now have the tools they need to make the transition without compromising the quality of care while at the same time enhancing the level of engagement with patients and their families.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Office 365, WinCare is a cloud-first, mobile-first solution that gives caregivers a central place to manage social services information, while offering families round-the-clock access to their treatment programs.

In the past, youth, elderly, and family workers managed files on paper, which was both inefficient and time-consuming. With multiple caregivers often working with the same family, there were multiple files with duplicate information. The files were sometimes outdated, and caregivers didn’t always have access to relevant information.

WinCare addresses these problems by bringing all of a family’s information into one file—regardless of how many caregivers the family works with. “The central theme of WinCare is, ‘One family, one file,’” says Marcel Lucker, co-owner of Winvision. “We’re combining information about all the services a family receives into one file with the most up-to-date information.”

Building its solution on top of Microsoft technology, Winvision was able to develop WinCare in about one-fifth of the time that it would have taken from scratch, quickly stepping up to meet a critical need.

It is an outstanding example of technology and process innovation geared to the goal of bringing to market seamless solutions that empower healthier citizens and cities. Among the benefits of WinCare are:

  • Improved productivity: In the past, caregivers visited families, took notes on paper, and entered the information into their systems when they returned to the office. With WinCare, they can now enter this information right at the kitchen table using Windows 8 tablets, increasing productivity by 30 percent.

  • Better quality care: Families are put at the center. They can better manage their treatment plans by accessing their information 24/7 via a centralized portal they can use to view upcoming appointments, hold conversations with caregivers via Skype, add information about their treatment programs, and watch informational videos—anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduced costs: Because WinCare is based in the cloud, municipalities don’t have to purchase their own servers or manage their own infrastructure. They simply pay a monthly subscription, and they can seamlessly scale up and down as they add and remove families from the system.

Thanks to partners like Winvision, the health industry is increasingly achieving far more with less. Thanks to solutions like Wincare, cities are providing superior solutions and keeping their citizens healthier. A big thank you to Winvision and to all of our mobile and cloud-ready health partners! We are inspired by the power of your partnership.

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