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A special thank you from Intel’s Eric DishmanIn all my years as a patient, including some of the worst experiences that our fragmented health system delivers, there has been one constant I can count on-the steady care and compassion of nurses.

Nurses make healthcare personal, even when the rest of the system seems almost intentionally designed to be impersonal. There have been many times, when undergoing a painful procedure, I marveled how a nurse stepped in to help me preserve my dignity. Instantly, I knew they were on my side.

When you need to hear the right words to get you through a hard clinical experience, a nurse will have them for you.

When you need someone watching out to prevent medical errors, it’s often a nurse stepping in to save you.

When you are looking for the true problem solvers in healthcare, listen to a nurse.

When you see a medical organization improving its efficiency or providing a better patient experience, note the critical role of nurses.

I haven’t only observed these things this as a cancer patient for more than 20 years. I’ve studied it. At Intel, we have conducted ethnographic research in clinics and hospitals in 20 countries for more than a decade.

Time after time, we’ve seen how nurses are the worldwide secret sauce to quality care. When we empower them, we empower ourselves.

When we improve their access to information, such as through mobile technologies, we know that they will put it to good use.

We’ve seen that when nurses are engaged in technology decisions, their suggestions lead to better and more timely care.

Microsoft and Intel invite you to join us in honoring nurses. To see how they use new technologies to do their amazing work, check out: #ThankYouNurses

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