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Family Health Network keeps up with unprecedented growth and increasing compliance regulations by using Invidasys’ cloud-based, modular solution VIDASuite,.

Like all health plans and payers, Family Health Network (FHN) needs to be agile in order to keep up with unprecedented change in the healthcare industry. As a result of both federal and state reform, the organization has expanded into new markets in recent years. It now provides healthcare coverage through commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid plans, and its revenues have grown from $60 million in 2010 to $650 million in 2015.

I recently caught up with Keith Kudla, President and Chief Executive Officer of FHN, and Bryant Grimes, Chief Information Officer of FHN, to find out how the healthcare payer is staying ahead of its increasing infrastructure and compliance needs with VIDASuite™, a cloud-based, modular solution to streamline core processing from Invidasys.

Why did you choose a component-based solution?

FHN is in a highly dynamic period of change and rapid expansion, so we were outgrowing our existing core administrative system. Rather than going through a 15-month implementation for a total system replacement, the Invidasys cloud-based components allowed us to address our areas of need right away by adding functionality and scalability to our existing system. With the fast deployment the cloud enables and the Invidasys team’s deep understanding of payer administrative solutions, we were able to light up the first three components—which were for eligibility, encounter, and provider management—within about four months. And within five months after that, we had the component for customer service up and running.

What have been some of the benefits of the solution being based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform?

Scaling and adding new capabilities has been quick, easy, and cost-effective. We didn’t have to buy and set up more hardware and go through test runs. It’s like a utility for us, not much different than the electric company—the cloud services are on, and I don’t have to worry about them. And now our IT team is freed up from infrastructure growth and maintenance tasks so they can focus more on strategic IT initiatives.

Plus, because VIDASuite is based on Microsoft Azure, it works easily with our other Microsoft investments products such as SharePoint and Office 365.

Finally, as a company we want to be able to easily bring together information and turn it into insight we can use to help our members lead healthier lives, and cloud-based solutions are helping us do that.

How is the solution helping you keep up with evolving regulations and maintain compliance?

The security of our data and applications is of foremost importance to us. The disaster recovery and geo-redundancy features of Invidasys’ Azure-based solution are very attractive features to us. Frankly, the solution is far more secure than anything our IT department could provide internally.

We’re regulated by both federal and state governments, and there are lots of constantly changing rules, oddities, and interpretations to keep up with, which a less agile system could never hope to support. The Invidasys cloud-based solution is very responsive in meeting our compliance needs.

Want to hear more from Keith and Bryant about how they’ve been able to increase FHN’s agility and meet compliance regulations—quickly and cost-effectively? Check out this on-demand webinar, in which they discuss how a cloud-based, modular solution has helped them stay ahead of their growth needs and mitigate risk.

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