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2bPrecise harnesses the power of genomics and precision medicine to precisely predict and efficiently treat each individual patient. 2bPrecise’s EHR-agnostic, cloud-based platform captures and stores genomic data and harmonizes it with research knowledge and clinical information. The resulting actionable insights are then pushed into a provider’s existing clinical workflow to facilitate decision-making at the point of care

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Appistry works with customers to build solutions that solve complex problems with an end goal of improving human health. GenomePilot was born out of working with and listening to customers to address the challenges they were facing with NGS data and their need to simplify the entire process.

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BC Platforms

BC Platforms aims to be the world’s leading genetic data management platform developer in the life science, industry and academic sectors with a customizable platform that offers complete integration of data infrastructure, including data sharing, data security, data searching, and analysis.

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Curoverse is dedicated to providing the open source enabling technology to accelerate this transformation. By addressing the data and compute infrastructure software challenges in the biomedical field, we empower scientists and clinicians to focus on what they do best: making breakthrough discoveries and delivering real-world care.

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DNAnexus is the global leader for enterprise scale genome informatics and data management. Through the secure, scalable and collaborative DNAnexus Platform, it has created a global network for genomics, which is adopted by the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, diagnostics and agbio companies, as well as government, universities and research consortia.

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FDNA, developer of Face2Gene, uses facial analysis, deep learning and artificial intelligence to transform big data into actionable genomic intelligence to improve diagnostics and therapeutics. With the world’s largest network of clinicians, labs and researchers creating one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive genomic databases, FDNA is changing the game for rare disease patients.

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Kanteron Systems brings Precision Medicine to the point of care. Integrating medical imaging, digital pathology, clinical genomics, pharmacogenomics and biosensors, bringing Care Coordination to the next level.

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Lifescale analytics

Lifescale Analytics

Lifescale Analytics (LSA) provides specialized expertise in data and analytics to help accelerate research and development processes. We provide a spectrum of customized data management services and solutions including Data Management, Big Data Solutions, Cloud Services, Data Science and Organizational and Management Services that focus on building strong portfolios and programs. Through experience and innovation we allow life science organizations to manage and pro-actively make decisions regarding research trials and programs.

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Paradigm4’s REVEAL and SciDB enable researchers to combine and analyze multi-modal molecular, medical IoT, biomedical imaging, mass spec, clinical, and RWD data—at population scales—to inform translational medicine and healthcare research. SciDB powers the NIH’s 1000 Genomes browser and the Global Biobank Engine. Leading pharmas, medical IoT, instrument companies and research institutes use Paradigm4’s SciDB and REVEAL for collaborative, reproducible research. The company was founded by renowned database researcher, Turing Award laureate MIT Professor Michael Stonebraker.

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Precision Medicine advanced analytics with simplicity, speed, and security.  PHEMI helps organizations tame the complexity of integrating and analyzing genotype/phenotype datasets at scale.  Working with VCF, sample metadata, pathology reports, clinical sources, and more, the PHEMI system helps you build your own library of analytics-ready data.  Run your bioinformatics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics at speed on the PHEMI system with full privacy, security and governance, and then export datasets with automated de-identification.

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sequencing logo, the world’s largest App Store for personal genomics, empowers healthcare professionals, researchers and consumers with the ability to tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights. Our Universal Genetic Data Compatibility enables apps to be able to process genetic data from any laboratory and any testing technology, including whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and microarrays. We also provide developers with easy-to-use APIs and mobile plugins for creating and selling DNA-powered apps.

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TGex, powered by GeneCards

TGex is a knowledge-driven NGS analysis, interpretation and reporting platform. Powered by the GeneCards Suite, it offers intuitive and powerful management of genetic testing workflows, including rapid diagnosis of causal mutations, integrating clinical and molecular information from >120 data sources. TGex and the GeneCards Suite have empowered the analyses of thousands of NGS cases world-wide.

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Built over twenty years on the world’s largest collection of human genomes, the Wuxi NextCODE platform powers precision medicine efforts on four continents, including pioneering population-optimized genome tests and wellness products in China.

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