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In Colombia, the healthcare system’s financial resources have been depleted by a sustained increase in coverage without the corresponding improvement in efficiency or income for healthcare institutions. Additionally, the misuse of financial resources due to malpractice or lack of adequate administrative controls contributes to the problem. This misbalance has led to a shortage in cash flow, which can lead to bankruptcy.

To improve the operation of the healthcare system, the Colombian government has implemented demanding administrative decrees, which require healthcare institutions to generate an overload or reports to comply with the legal requirements. iMedicalCloud allows customers to manage their clinical operations more efficiently, ensuring users comply with the required legal reports.

Our client Hospital Cardiovascular is in Soacha, Colombia. The difficult social conditions of this municipality make this a remarkable case study.

The ability to rapidly access relevant and unified data helps ensure the best quality of healthcare for patients and promotes the appropriate treatment based on a better understanding of a patient’s history. Virtual mobility and online access enable doctors to develop telemedicine for long-distance evaluation by specialists.

The iMedicalCloud system is administratively efficient and helps improve cash flow by making more efficient use of financial and human resources and providing appropriate tools for inventory management and cost control. Software scalability and ease of maintenance facilitate using the system in a doctor´s office as well as in a large hospital. It also enables the solution to be implemented in startups with the ability to grow with the operation.

Another iMedicalCloud success case took place in Choco, a Colombian department located on the northeast coast with difficult social conditions. Unidad de Cuidados Críticos del Choco sought help developing a new strategy involving patients and doctors to improve the existing infrastructure and general conditions of health centers in the region. iMedicalCloud was the answer.

iMedicalCloud is cloud-based software that facilitates process and resource optimization through a specialized healthcare platform hosted on Microsoft Azure. It´s designed to provide healthcare institutions with an electronic health records (EHR) system that lets them manage patient information, procedures and results of care services.

The iMedicalCloud system integrates Azure SQL Database, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online and .NET. Azure and Azure SQL Database enable BITS Americas S.A.S to create an SaaS solution using PaaS components, giving iMedicalCloud increased availability, reliability and security over other technologies while reducing operational costs. Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online offers a complete and integral ALM solution that allows BITS Americas S.A.S to fulfill its needs at each stage of the development processes.

Amongst the benefits iMedicalCloud brings to its users is the ability to integrate all information concerning billing, patient activities, epidemiology and prescriptions. According to Andrés David Baldovino, Deputy Commercial Director at Bits Americas S.A.S, “The platform works through an internet connection, helping healthcare institutions save time and money since they don’t have to acquire expensive hardware and licenses.”

The iMedicalCloud platform makes it easier to more efficiently fulfill the documentation requirements required by entities such as the Health Ministry and the National Health Superintendence. Access to the iMedicalCloud system is granted from any geographical location, requiring only a username and password.

Are you ready for the change? Visit BITS Americas S.A.S. to learn more about iMedicalCloud and get started with your healthcare institution’s digital transformation today.

And, for more information about Microsoft Azure, check out our Microsoft Cloud for Health site.

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