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Focus on: Microsoft and Tribridge’s approach to Health360

Back in March we posted a blog in celebration of International Women’s Day communicating Microsoft’s focus on encouraging girls to stay in STEM (Science, Technology, engineering, math) so that we can increase the female STEM workforce of the future. But of course, this initiative transcends the month of March and deserves attention year-round.  Therefore, it is with great excitement that with this blog we are kicking off our Women in STEM careers series where we will highlight a different woman every month and ask her about her role and how she entered a STEM career.

This first Month we are thrilled to feature our first woman in technology, Danielle Aronson, Practice Manager, Customer Engagement at Tribridge.

Kuethe: Hi Danielle, can you tell me about your current STEM career?

Aronson: I am a Practice Manager within our Customer Engagement practice at Tribridge, focused on Healthcare Industry and our Tribridge Health360 product implementations.  In my role I am primarily responsible for implementation delivery of our solutions.  I work with Tribridge customer and sales teams during presales to scope and estimate projects, as well as provide project oversight and a point of escalation during delivery.

I also work closely with the Health360 product development team, providing feedback from customer implementations and ensuring the delivery team is trained and prepared to successfully deliver our Health360 product.

Kuethe: Sounds really interesting and dynamic. Now how did you initially get into a STEM career path?

Aronson: When I was in college my brother knew I was into computers/technology and helped get me a job interview as an IT Associate where he was working.  From there I started working for one of our vendors that implemented Dynamics CRM (now part of Dynamics 365). I found it to be exciting and rewarding and continued to look for opportunities to learn more and connect with our female scientists and technicians. 

Kuethe: What is your favorite thing about your field?

Aronson: In consulting I am continuously learning and focused on professional development.  Whether it’s new technology, more industry knowledge or business acumen, there’s always something new to learn and grow from. A STEM career path is really rewarding. 

Kuethe: Tribridge is doing some really interesting things in the healthcare tech space. What inspires you about working at your company?

Aronson: Definitely our culture and sense of being a team.  We work together, share opportunities, build each other up and continue to grow as an organization.  It’s a feeling of working with people, not for people. Our Tribridge Women’s Network also offers a tight sense of community and opportunities to give back and develop women leaders in technology across our company. 

Kuethe: One final question, what advice do you have for women looking to enter a STEM career?

Aronson: Be confident in yourself and what you know, and take the opportunity to learn what you don’t know.  I realize there are statistics that say otherwise, but I’ve never felt like I was at a career disadvantage being a woman.  Take advantage of new opportunities to get your name out there and build your personal brand.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a job change.  Maybe it’s leading a new initiative at your organization, starting a blog or speaking in front of audiences.  As scary as it may be at times, you just have to put yourself out there.   

Thank you Danielle for sharing your experience with us. For more information on the Tribridge Health360 solution that Danielle is responsible for, more information can be found here

We look forward to continuing this series and look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you have additional questions you would like answered as a part of the Women in STEM series, please get in touch with us here


Danielle Ornson Headshot

Danielle Aronson, Practice Manager, Customer Engagement at Tribridge

Sara Kuethe Headshot

Sara Kuethe, Head of Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing at Microsoft