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Submission Deadline:  Friday, February 9th, 5:00 PM PST

New as of 2017 – All entries must be submitted online

For your convenience a working document is available for use, here.  Please note, your final entry will need to be submitted online.

The Microsoft Health Innovation Awards are presented annually to the healthcare or life sciences organization and technology solution partner—with which it has collaborated—that best demonstrates industry leadership in using technology to achieve innovation excellence.

Who should enter?

The award committee will accept nominations from a qualifying healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical resource, payor, provider, or medical device organization worldwide, which has developed and implemented a solution independently or working with a technology solution partner, as long as the solution is in full implementation within an organization for at least 30 days and is based on the latest Microsoft technologies. The award emphasizes the innovative application of available software and the creation of new solutions.

Why should you enter?

  • Winners will be featured in promotional and marketing activities, such as the Microsoft in Health newsletter and blog, as well as possible media interviews.
  • Winners will receive a “Winner” trophy.
  • Winners will receive a marketing document on how to publicize the fact that the organization is a winner including a winner logo.

How do we pick the winner?

An independent panel of Judges will pick one winner from the qualified submissions received in each of the categories below. The solution (or combination of solutions) can be offered by any qualifying company worldwide as long as it is based on the latest Microsoft technologies; represents a breakthrough from the industry & historical approaches; and goes beyond incremental improvements on technologies that already exist.

(Please read 2018 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards Contest – Official Rules download document for complete details).

Categories for Entry

Engage your Patients
Enable more efficient access to care, reduce delays in the care experience, and maintain contact with patients once they leave the care setting.

Scenario examples include:

  • More efficient access
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Continuous engagement

Empower your Care Teams
Tools that help care teams be more productive and collaborate more effectively.

Scenario examples include:

  • Virtual care
  • Care team collaboration
  • Care coordination

Optimize your Clinical Operational Effectiveness
Convert data about patient and populations into intelligent action that prevents emergencies and promotes wellness.

Scenario examples include:

  • Quality improvement
  • Population health
  • Operational and financial efficiency

Transform the Care Continuum
Connect smart devices to the Microsoft Cloud to gain valuable insights into how to treat patients and manage operations.

Scenario examples include:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Precision medicine
  • Managing devices and facilities

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Connect data to analytics and machine learning algorithms so it can help predict patient health trajectories, monitor population wellness, pull insights from research, and identify concrete ways to improve day-to-day operations.  

Scenario examples include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Outstanding Innovation

Use this category if your solution does not fit into the categories above, or fits into one of the scenarios below:

  • Industry Disruption
  • Security

Entries will be judged primarily on the following three criteria:

  1. The innovation represents a breakthrough from the industry’s historical approaches.
  2. The innovation goes beyond incremental improvements on technologies that already exist.
  3. The innovation measurably improves significant business and/or clinical processes that positively impact patient care.

The entry period ends on Friday, February 9th, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. No entries will be accepted after the entry period closes.

New as of 2017 – All entries must be submitted online.

For your convenience a working document is available for use, here.  Please note, your final entry will need to be submitted online.

The Participant Release Form must be signed by BOTH partner (if applicable) AND customer, then scanned and emailed to at time of entry or no later than February 9th, 5:00 PM PST.


Documents & downloads

For more information

For more information, please contact Monika Skibeness at:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to authorized representatives of healthcare organization OR a Microsoft Technology Solution Partner (ISV or System Integrator) who is 18 years of age or older. Residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria are not eligible. See Official Rules for complete details.