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Focus on: Microsoft in Health Digital Transformation

We’re living in an era of constant reinvention. Industry disruption is now the norm, changing how we work and interact with each other. The healthcare industry is no exception – digital transformation has changed how providers care for patients, how individuals seek care, and how health data is stored and shared. This type of digital change can bring tremendous opportunities. New forms of technology, including artificial intelligence, strengthen patient engagement, empower care teams with better information, all while reducing costs through intelligent health processes.

During HIMSS 2018, the industry-leading event for healthcare professionals, Microsoft is bringing together healthcare partners from around the world to demonstrate the types of advances that are empowering the digital transformation of the health industry. One exciting Internet of Things (IoT) example is our work with Becton Dickinson and Company (BD) to bring about connected health, enabling devices to automatically connect and share health data.

Since a big hurdle in the healthcare technology space is the inherent inefficiency in sharing and storing data to drive health decisions, BD wanted to create a platform that would organize and streamline the overwhelming amount of patient data.  Microsoft Enterprise Services partnered with BD to define and deploy an Azure cloud solution that, through efficient computation and inexpensive storage capabilities, also captured data via devices connected to the Azure cloud.  While personal data is removed, aggregate data can be used to inform population-based health decisions.  The result is not only smart data at a healthcare provider’s fingertips, but less complex infrastructure for BD and healthcare organizations like it.  Ultimately, patients receive improved care.

In another instance, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, the UK’s largest integrated health and social care provider, faced the increasing challenge of placing vulnerable, often elderly, patients into residential and nursing homes. Their existing operations relied on mostly manual research with limited visibility of available beds and little capability to share information and collaborate easily. They needed a stronger technology solution to streamline and organize their operations. Microsoft Enterprise Services worked with the Trust to create an Azure-based, web-based “Care Home Portal” solution that aligned to the Trust’s wider digital transformation effort. Using the power of data management, the new portal transformed a previously time-consuming and overly manual operation by enabling Care Home staff to proactively “self-declare” their available beds. Employees can now easily see where beds are available, so that patients, families and caregivers can more quickly identify the right location and facility.

At Microsoft, we recognize how technology can help the healthcare industry evolve to better meet society’s needs. Healthcare digital transformation means ensuring patients have access to the right kind of care and providers are empowered with the resourceful, responsive tools, while respecting customer privacy and meeting security expectations. Ultimately, through the promise of the intelligent cloud, we can overcome the current gap in healthcare access that is preventing many around the world from receiving proper care.

To best help clinicians and care teams better manage the explosion of healthcare related data, Microsoft is focusing on three areas: developing foundations for precision health care, enabling the health industry’s move to the cloud, and empowering the people that make healthcare work. You can read more about a number of specific solutions, projects and AI accelerators Microsoft recently announced.  It is these advancements that will help to make intelligent health possible.  Be sure to follow our HIMSS18 story on @Health_IT to learn more.

Visit Microsoft at HIMSS18 to learn how intelligent health can transform your organization

Join Microsoft and our partners from around the world at HIMSS18 for real world insight into how the cloud and AI health are already revolutionizing care; from executive briefings, to hands-on technology immersions and even live product demos. Plus, on March 7th, check out the “Industry Spotlight: Case studies on transforming care with cloud and AI” session to see our vision for intelligent health in action.