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Microsoft in Health: Hi Kelly, it’s nice to have you as this month’s Women in STEM blog interview! Please tell us about your role at Aspect.

Burke: Aspect is the leading enterprise cloud contact center and workforce optimization solution provider. I head up the Interaction Management product area for the company. Aspect’s focus is to help customers engage with consumers. We like to say we help connect questions to answers. For example, a bank, airline, retailer, hospital, or any organization that provides customer service engagements, sales or services and had different workflows that were mostly done manually in the past, have now become automated. Things like ACDs, dialers, proactive outreach and these automatic handling of customer engagements, are now managed by software governing how to connect the caller with the best resource available and best assistance possible, so that our customers can delight their end customers.

Microsoft in Health: We would imagine over the past 25 years, you’ve really seen things change with technology and software, and probably 25 years ago we probably wouldn’t have said “you have a ‘women in STEM’” career?

Burke: Well yes, Aspect invented this industry and has gone through many transformations. Airlines, with people walking up to counters at the airport and buying tickets, were the original use case so we developed a software program that would automate this scenario and that’s how things all got started. Today, connecting with customers has evolved to complete software-based systems with everything in the cloud where we can offer a very personalized experience. This means providing the most relevant and individual experience, resource, service or answer for each person we are serving. Our company has absolutely transformed itself from being a hardware-focused or products-focused company to a cloud services-focused company.

Microsoft in Health: So fascinating! So, how did you get started?

Burke: I came out of college with a computer science degree. I just loved problem-solving and computer science was a new career path at that time. I just knew it was for me. I loved math and that you can have a perfect answer to a question. I landed in telecommunications because I had friends in the business. I got my first job at Ericsson writing software. It’s been a really exciting career for me as I’ve moved from being on the R&D, or data side, to engineering and now to product management. I really love my current role heading up our core engagement product management team, representing the customer’s needs and making an impact. Here, we’re driving business results through developing new products and innovations that help solve customer problems. This product management role really extends across the entire company, influencing the output and impact of all the delivery groups.

Microsoft in Health: Product management really does sound like it is the hub of a STEM company. So, what is your favorite part of being a woman in STEM?

Burke: I love the idea that I am helping companies engage with their clients and helping them drive positive business outcomes. That part is what I enjoy the most and working with customers and hearing them confirm the work we’ve done has really made a difference.

Microsoft in Health: Just great! So what advice do you have for other women looking at entering a Women in STEM career?

Burke: Be sure to balance your technology expertise with the interpersonal and psychological aspects of what you are doing because business is about people. Be sure to work on building your communications skills and ability to inspire others and be sure to have fun!

Microsoft in Health: Well it’s been a pleasure speaking with you, Kelly, and it’s been great learning more about how Aspect is transforming the healthcare industry by engaging patients and personalizing the care experience.

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Aspect offers a customer engagement platform that is powerful yet affordable, quick to implement, and easy to keep up-to-date. This includes contact center interaction management, workforce management and self-service capabilities designed with a relentless focus on areas like reducing effort, increasing usability, connecting disjointed interactions and processes, and simplifying management. Aspect makes it accessible to customers of all types and sizes in the cloud.

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