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Medical collaborations in the age of the app

As health organizations evolve, so do the needs of the care teams that they support. In today’s digital age, clinicians deserve a seamless technology experience with real time access to information along with the ability to communicate, collaborate, and intervene with ease, all while safeguarding patient privacy. With the right set of technologies, health organizations can quickly begin saving bottime and money while immediately improving the way their teams deliver care.  This is where Microsoft may be able to help.  

As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Teams provides a central hub for collaboration that can empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to provide their patients with the best care possible. As a result of an increased adoption and deployment of Teams in the clinical setting, Microsoft partnered with HIPAA One, a leading compliance software and services firm, to provide guidance around  how organizations can manage, store, and deploy Office 365 workloads containing highly sensitive patient information. 

In collaboration with HIPAA One, we’re excited to share the “HIPAA One Compliance Whitepaper for O365 & Microsoft Teams.This Microsoft commissioned whitepaper aims to provide healthcare executives, management, and administrative teams with the information necessary to satisfy HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity diligence using the capabilities Microsoft 365 and Teams across the care continuum. 

Read the whitepaper to understand how you can help enable your health organization to stay ahead of the compliance curve with Microsoft 365.