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Your patrol officers are on the front line of public safety. To help them do their best work in protecting your community, you want them to be able to quickly and easily capture, access, and share information in the field and across departments and agencies. That way, they can respond to incidents, police your community, and analyze crime patterns cohesively and efficiently.

From the initial call for assistance to response, investigation, and filing incident reports, patrol officers need to be able to find and share the right information at the right time. You can empower them to do so with Digital Patrol solutions that take advantage of cloud-connected mobility and productivity tools—and have built-in safeguards to help you meet your security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

With Digital Patrol solutions, officers can replace paper case files, notes, and forms with a single mobile device. They can gain a clear operational picture, and communicate and collaborate in real time with colleagues, supervisors, and community stakeholders to react faster to incidents.

They can use their mobile device to validate a suspect’s identity, access criminal information management systems to find out if someone is a person of interest or has a history of violence, or to see if a vehicle is stolen or has outstanding violations. They can collect crime scene evidence including crime scene photos or digitally recorded voice statements of witnesses, suspects, and victims and append the information to incident reports using their device. Instead of returning to the office to write and file the report, the information can be uploaded immediately without leaving the field.

Digital evidence can be analyzed, and all information collected can persist throughout the criminal investigation – from arrest, through trial, and even incarceration and parole. 

Your law enforcement agency can also use Digital Patrol solutions to analyze crime patterns to help you allocate resources for more effective policing.

Cheshire Police spend more time in the community

To help them uphold their vision of being there for the public when it matters, where it matters, the Cheshire Police has empowered its officers with digital patrol solutions.

Officers are collecting on-the-spot statements from victims and witnesses using Surface devices. Both officers and the public are using the Surface pen to draw pictures to support their statements and to affix digital signatures to online documents. Plus, the Surface’s built-in camera is being used widely to collect evidence negating the need for a specialist crime scene team. All of this is saving valuable office time that officers can now spend out in the community.

“The Surface now gives us the ability to type up the statement, we can edit it, we can capture a digital signature…it means better quality of the evidence because the witness has the opportunity to make sure it’s absolutely right,” says Peter Cole, Business Ambassador, Cheshire Police, in the video you can watch here.

Empower your officers and supervisors

With Digital Patrol solutions, your law enforcement agency can empower:

  • Patrol officers engaged in mobile policing and investigation-led lifecycles. You can equip them with mobile devices, apps, social media, and cloud computing to help them be more productive. These tools can enable them to be more effective in their day-to-day operations—from the crime scene, in-car surveillance, and staying connected to the command center, to accessing, sharing, and analyzing digital evidence and intelligence in near-real time, to taking appropriate action and managing cases through the judicial process.
  • Police supervisors requiring access to all the information they would typically have in an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) even if they aren’t physically in the EOC. Supervisors can use mobile devices so they have the situational awareness and all the communication and collaboration tools they need wherever they are during the time of an incident.

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