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Our Microsoft team is excited to kick off 2018 and continue partnering with state and local governments of all sizes to help them modernize, improve citizen services, reduce costs and achieve more. This digital transformation of government is happening now, enabling governments to use the power of our trusted Azure and Azure Government cloud platforms to address their biggest challenges in creative ways.

At our recent Government Tech Summit virtual event, we heard from an impressive lineup of government leaders and technology experts, who shared their thoughts on digital trends and provided examples of best practices and innovations in state and local government. It was an extraordinary day—which lives on. Three hours of compelling content is now available on demand for you and your colleagues to watch at your convenience or to choose  individual sessions of interest.

Teri Takai and Michael Donlan

I was honored to open the Summit with Teri Takai, executive director of the Center for Digital Government. I’m not sure I know many government officials with Teri’s extensive and diverse background, having served as the first female CIO of the Department of Defense as well as the former CIO of two of the nation’s largest states: California and Michigan. As one of government IT’s premier change agents, Teri held the 735 members of our Nov. 14 Summit audience captive with her unique insights. Here are just a few:

  • “What I encourage (CIOs) to do is, number one, not to think about digital transformation as a big bang, where you have to do everything all at one time … I encourage them to think about how to look at (digital transformation) in small increments … And lastly, I encourage them to really look at their current funding sources for opportunities to be able to fund some of their innovative ideas.”
  • “I used to tell my folks, ‘Look, I’ve seen the simplest technologies work the best when the business loves them, and the most complex technologies fail completely because the business doesn’t understand them.’”
  • “A citizen wants to use government the way that they … order things online.”
  • “It’s important to think of cybersecurity as a part of your infrastructure … it’s really about your infrastructure, how do the tools integrate with your infrastructure and then how do you get your people to really learn and understand those tools.”

In addition to Teri, you’ll hear from Ted Ross, the City of Los Angeles CIO, about how Chip the Chatbot is serving citizensMike Bailey, the CFO for the City of Redmond, Wash., on how his city’s strategic plan requires cloud services; Lisa Kent, City of Houston CIO, about the benefits of the cloud when disasters occur; and our team presents an overview of how Miami-Dade County Water is getting smarter with the Internet of Things.

As we begin 2018, I hope you’ll watch our on-demand Summit videos. By doing so, you’ll get a look into the digital future of government and learn how today’s technologies—artificial intelligence, the cloud, IoT, cybersecurity and more—can help your agency modernize now. I can’t think of a better way to start the year!

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