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Focus on: Customer Service on the Microsoft Government Cloud

The Federal Government has prioritized modernization of Federal information technology (IT) systems. The output of modernization is to provide better citizen-facing services in a cost-effective and secure manner.

 IT modernization focused on systems that support customer experiences is critical for the Government to meet its commitments. Customer experience (CX) encompasses all the front-line citizen interactions with agencies, often at critical moments — such as accessing benefits and keeping people healthy and protected. A poor citizen engagement diverts attention and increases the risk for the Government to protect and serve citizens.

Microsoft and Microsoft partners provide better customer experiences through systems that learn, expand and evolve with agility as the world changes. Our capabilities unlock data stored in silos and monolithic suites of applications, so organizations can combine them to derive new insights, extend and modify processes quickly, and surface them in the communications and collaboration tools millions of people use every day.

Deliver Seamless Customer Service

The Government exists to provide critical services to populous of the United States, and as such customer service interactions make up a powerful component of citizen experiences.

Microsoft solutions make it easier and faster than ever to incorporate new communication channels like social media or live chat and self-service capabilities with intelligent chatbots (or digital virtual assistants) into systems to deliver omni-channel engagements. Solutions built in the cloud using artificial intelligence (AI) services and infrastructure are already serving over 650,000 sessions per week.

Self-service is no longer an option, it is a requirement. 90% of consumers expect self-service options, as it enables them to find answers faster with more efficiency and control. Web-savvy constituents prefer to find answers to their questions themselves, on their own terms. Agencies must make information available and easily accessible through self-service websites and social media platforms with access to up to date information. Self-service capabilities free up resources, reduce costs, and increase employee efficiency.

When citizens have more complex challenges, a more personalized interaction might be required. More and more, chat provides a direct experience that enables agencies another opportunity to automate streamlined service via intelligent, trainable bots.

In direct phone or chat conversation, intelligent customer engagement systems empower agents through a unified customer service interface. This integrates call center technology (e.g., CTI) with customer data and support knowledge to surface the right information for the right person at the right time

Empower Government Agents

Government staff are often as frustrated as the citizens looking for information because of the lack of consistent, unified systems. Agencies using Microsoft cloud services can configure agent applications specifically to business requirements, consolidating various data feeds into a single, intuitive interface that eliminates agents having to toggle back and forth among various tools. Using dynamic role-driven dashboards, agents are equipped with resources such as contextual tools, guidance, and data that surface the appropriate next steps to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Only Microsoft allows agents to work from actionable dashboards within the tools they use every day – Outlook, Word, SharePoint, etc. Predictive intelligence keeps agents informed and proactive in engagement by avoiding service and support issues. Agents can analyze data and share data from connected systems to take quick action.

The motivating force behind what we do is to empower our customers to make things happen. The opportunity is now. We can help the Government more rapidly leverage innovation to provide better service for its citizens.

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