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Visit our HIMSS18 virtual booth.

If you were not one of the 43,000 people who descended on Las Vegas to discuss the future of healthcare technology at HIMSS18, you missed some dynamic conversations around patient engagement, enhanced analytics, and precision medicine! We were thrilled to come together with our partners to showcase how intelligent health solutions built on cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are empowering healthcare organizations to enhance patient engagement, build connected care teams, optimize clinical effectiveness, and transform health.

Here are some of the ways Microsoft and our partners demonstrated advances in digital health at the event, and you can find out more at our virtual booth.

Fostering exceptional patient engagement

One standout example of patient engagement came from Aspect, a Microsoft partner focused on fostering deeper patient relationships. HIMSS attendees received a first-hand look at Aspect’s Patient Engagement and OneCare solutions. Aspect is transforming patient care by utilizing omni-channel communication strategies – including mobile applications and personalized care alerts – to develop meaningful patient experiences and engage patients via their preferred channels. Attendees heard about a randomized trial among healthcare providers using the solution and how participants achieved a significant decrease in rehospitalization rates and emergency room visits after discharge.[1]

To learn more about how Aspect is driving stronger patient engagement, watch our patient engagement webinar here.

Building connected care teams

With so many healthcare organizations actively shifting towards patient-centric care, DXC Technology’s robust population health solution, Health360, generated significant interest. The solution empowers healthcare providers to coordinate care and offer personalized patient experiences at every interaction. DXC Health360, built on the Microsoft Cloud platform, delivers improved collaboration and communication across teams, enabling organizations to better understand their patients’ unique behaviors, preferences, goals, and challenges. DXC also highlighted how Barnes Healthcare Services, one of the largest privately-owned post-acute providers in the US, used the solution to monitor their patients post-discharge, leading to decreased readmission rates and increased adherence to chronic condition management.[2]

To learn more about how DXC is enabling stronger care team collaboration, view our webinar on real-time care coordination systems.

Optimizing clinical and operational effectiveness

Microsoft partner PointRight, a leading provider of business intelligence and predictive analytics, tackled one of healthcare’s enduring challenges: optimizing clinical and operational effectiveness. During the event, PointRight showcased a real-time analytics solution that enables healthcare providers to develop, monitor, and manage post-acute provider networks. Through comprehensive clinical data and intelligent performance management, this solution drives measurable improvements in outcomes while reducing the total cost of post-acute care. Attendees heard about how PointRight customer Lourdes Health System Health Network leveraged their solution as part of a Skilled Nursing Facility initiative to build a high-performing preferred provider network and realize a 13% reduction in post-acute care costs.

To learn more about our solutions for optimizing clinical and operational effectiveness, visit our virtual booth.

Transforming health

Another digital health transformation focused on the potential impact of genomic data in healthcare. Microsoft partner DNAnexus showcased their genome informatics and data management solution that enables researchers to run genome analysis up to seven times faster than standard machines. This empowers researchers and developers to quickly identify associations between genetic markers and traits. Microsoft and DNAnexus shared how we’re collaborating with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to advance the global fight against childhood cancer by storing, sharing, and analyzing massive amounts of genomic data.[3] The Microsoft Genomics service is part of Microsoft’s Healthcare NExT initiative, which unites health partners and Microsoft’s AI and cloud computing platforms to advance science through technology.

To learn more about how DNAnexus is enhancing genetic research, watch our webinar here.

Securing sensitive information

Security and compliance continue to be of paramount importance for the digital health community. Microsoft partners Project Hosts and ClearDATA were on-hand to engage HIMSS attendees in conversations on this key topic and demonstrate their expertise in the rapidly evolving health security and compliance field.

Project Hosts leverages a HIPAA/HITRUST Azure Security Envelope for providers and payors to seamlessly move their on-premises apps and workloads to the cloud. Whereas ensuring compliance with an independent software vendor might take as long as a year and cost up to $500k, with Project Hosts, customers can achieve the same results in about six weeks and at a fraction of the cost.

ClearDATA’s Managed Cloud for Azure protects sensitive data. This solution offers a combination of security tools, HITRUST-certified process and best practice configuration of Azure infrastructure, making it possible to guard sensitive information based on the individual needs of each customer.

To learn more about ensuring effective security and compliance, view our security webinar here.

Enabling the next wave of intelligent health solutions

HIMSS18 was an exciting glimpse into the next wave of innovation in healthcare technology. We were pleased to highlight how we’re working with partners to develop solutions that enable new advancements in digital health. To learn more, visit our HIMSS18 virtual booth at

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