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Focus on: PAREXEL and Allergan DIA Webinar

In light of this current announcement where Microsoft and PAREXEL discuss their newly formed cloud technology alliance aimed at accelerating the pace of drug development we are thrilled to feature Ubavka DeNoble, Corporate Vice President at PAREXEL for this month’s Women in STEM blog series.

  1. Hi Ubavka, thank you for joining us in this month’s Women in STEM blog series. Can we start with having you tell me about your current STEM career?

I am currently a Corporate Vice President at PAREXEL, responsible for patient technology solutions. My team leverages clinical and scientific regulatory and technical expertise with the ultimate goal to optimize study performance and expedite drug development. PAREXEL’s core focus is to execute and optimize clinical trials and drug development to help life science companies bring new treatments to patients sooner. My team specifically looks at how to collect relevant data from different sources and streamline that data to provide meaningful insights to all valuable stakeholders. These include our clients, investigators, and most important, patients.

  1. Microsoft and PAREXEL just announced some really exciting news can you tell me a little more about that and what value this will provide customers and patients?

Drug discovery is very expensive and is highly regulated. This partnership with Microsoft will significantly enhance analytics, work-flow, provide real value to PAREXEL’s clients, and most importantly, it will provide benefit to patients.  Every time we have the opportunity to speak to our clients, their top concern is secure infrastructure, and by partnering with one of the biggest technology companies in the world with a secure global cloud infrastructure, we are providing an invaluable solution to our clients which will lead to improved patient care.

  1. How did you initially get into a STEM career path?

I came to the US from former Yugoslavia. This is a part of the world where we had strong preference regarding science and education, and there were several occupations (such as engineering and medicine) that were a target of the people of my country. From a young age I knew I wanted to have the opportunity to think on my own and to make decisions that I could stand behind.  Because of this I decided to pursue a career in the STEM field and go to Medical School. When I did this, I didn’t know that I would end up where I am today. For personal reasons I left Yugoslavia to go to the US and had to start all over again. Because I studied internal medicine and had experience with patients, I realized I could join industry.  I started in an entry level position and worked my way up in the drug development industry.  This past year, I was selected as one of the 100 most inspiring people in the life sciences industry. In some ways this is the accumulation of my professional life and the legacy of touching many people, because I believe I am a part of a generation that has worked hard to open doors for the next generation of women in STEM fields.

  1. What is your favorite thing about your field and being a woman in STEM?

I am a people person, and in this industry and working environment at PAREXEL, I am surrounded by so many unbelievable, smart and committed women in STEM. I believe in people and I believe people are making the difference, and we have an unbeatable force here that will help move humanity to the next level.  This includes the involvement of females, the women in STEM initiatives and the opportunity to use our set of skills and ways of thinking to contribute to these industries. It is crucial to send a very strong message for young woman today that they need to value education and careers in STEM because these are noble professions.

  1. One final question, what advice do you have for women looking to enter a STEM career?

I have three pieces of advice for young people and women in STEM. First, there is no ceiling.  Second, have imagination because imagination is everything. Third, don’t accept obstacles – generations before us have worked hard so we can prosper, let’s not let them down!

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Ubavka DeNoble, Corporate Vice President at PAREXEL

Sara Kuethe, Head of Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing at Microsoft