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Microsoft Industry Blogs

Bühler will track crops from farm to fork using blockchain technology

Together with strategic partners like Microsoft, Bühler wants to figure out how to feed a growing world population. Its goal is to reduce that 30 percent of waste and 30 percent of energy that goes into food production processing for its customers by 2020....

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From disruption to opportunity: How digital is transforming the future of oil and gas

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in the ONS 2018 conference in Norway, where the who’s who of energy gathered to discuss the future oil and gas landscape. During the event, my colleagues and I explored how the current wave of digitalization is changing ecosystems around the energy business. It was especially rewarding...

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Here’s how to learn more about IoT in action for manufacturing

To experience in-person how Microsoft is helping the manufacturing industry refine operations with IoT technologies, sign up for the IoT in Action event series. Taking place in 12 cities globally, these events help provide actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions....

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