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Digital Transformation photoAs digitalization takes over the world, manufacturers everywhere need to change to survive, developing new capabilities that can drive competitiveness and growth. But what does this really involve and how do digital leaders succeed?

Growth, innovation and operational excellence have long been the business outcomes that manufacturers seek to achieve. And while these priorities haven’t changed, the means to attain them is changing significantly. Manufacturers need to move from an industrial environment consisting of physical assets to an ecosystem where tools are now digital, unseen, and untouchable.

In today’s digital world, technological advancements combined with external market forces—the new connected consumer, increasing influence of emerging economies, a growing skills gap in the manufacturing workforce, complex regulations governing both products and markets, and more—have catapulted the manufacturing industry into a new era, where the path to profitability is shifting.Digital Transformation picture

For manufacturers to sustain competitive advantage, digital transformation is now essential. At Microsoft, we believe this shift reflects the opportunity to grow, adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of their customers, and the new business opportunities of tomorrow, by thinking and operating like a digital business. That’s what a digital leader needs to drive.

Digital Transformation eventEvery day, we work with manufacturers to help them become digital companies and accelerate transformation in their industrial environments. What we’ve learned is that every organization is transforming at different speeds and are at different points along their journey. However, one thing remains consistent and those are the four common elements manufacturers are looking to transform: creating more engaging customer experiences, empowering employees, reinventing operations, and transforming products and services. These are the building blocks for digital transformation.Digital Transformation event

With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) now part of every discussion we have with our global customers, I sat down with some of the industry’s top disruptors to learn their views on digital transformation in manufacturing and industrial environments. These digital leaders understand that staying competitive means moving forward in digitalization. However, not every organization will approach digitization the same way. What is essential, for all manufacturers at any point in their journey, is to engage with people who understand digitalization.

In this video, learn from trailblazers from Schneider Electric, ItalPresse Gauss, Comau, Fleetboard, and Siemens on why they say leading with digital is so important today and what it takes to be successful. 


Microsoft and manufacturers all over the world are inviting you to join the global conversation and start your digital transformation journey today!