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A survey of just over 1,000 IT professionals found Microsoft Azure adoption up to 34% from 20% last year. Among larger enterprise customers, that jump was higher, with 43% of respondents on Azure now, compared to 26% last year.1

Working in the Azure Cloud platform gives developers an undeniable edge. Not only does it open up greater possibilities to develop networks as they see fit, but it allows for greater collaboration, ease of testing out new apps, and improved speed of innovation.

With Azure, developers have the power and flexibility they need to turn ideas into solutions and stay ahead of the competition. But getting a handle on all of the opportunities the platform presents can also be overwhelming. That’s why we’re offering an exclusive series of events designed to help developers:

Build and implement a secure DevOps strategy
Explore DevOps for the traditional enterprise. This session covers the five implementation mistakes to avoid, technical readiness for IT leaders, architects, and engineers, how to integrate security from start to finish, and more. Register for the DevOps—Develop a Sound Strategy and Implement It Securely Microsoft Cloud Workshop.

Discover SAP on Azure
Senior Database Architects, Data Scientists and Analysts, Cloud Architects, and IT Managers will learn how to provision a highly available Windows Server 2016-based SAP NetWeaver deployment on Azure, with SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) stack and SQL Server 2016 as the database tier. Register for the SAP on Azure Microsoft Cloud workshop.

Leverage CosmosDB in Azure
Learn more about how your business can leverage this globally distributed multi-model database in Azure. Watch a demo and learn about creating and administering, geo-distributing data easily, migrating data, and migrating an existing MongoDB application. Register for the CosmosDB Hands-on Microsoft Cloud Workshop.

Deep dive into Databricks
Get hands on with the new Microsoft Spark offering Azure Databricks. Watch a demo of the solution, learn key market differentiators and participate in a lab. Register for the Azure Databricks—Accelerate your ETL, Batch and Streaming Use Cases with Spark Microsoft Cloud Workshop.

Modernize line-of-business apps
Learn how to leverage Azure PaaS services like IoT Hub, Serverless Compute, and Mobile DevOps with Visual Studio App Center to build a modern, scalable, intelligent infrastructure to untether your workforce and increase your company’s productivity. Register for the Modernize Your Line-of-Business Apps Using Microsoft Azure and Xamarin Microsoft Cloud Workshop.

Build over-the-top streaming services
Discover how to build an over-the-top (OTT) strategy for your company and an OTT offering for your customers and learn about live streaming and delivering your content to the edge using Azure Media Services and Azure Content Delivery. Register for the Building Over-the-Top Streaming Services Using Microsoft Azure Microsoft Cloud Workshop.

Expand your knowledge of Microsoft Azure services through any or all of these six immersive, hands-on workshops where we’ll walk you through a real-world scenario, do a whiteboard design session, and round out the day with a hackathon to bring it all together. Register for one event or the entire series and take away actionable insights that you can use to transform your organization. Reserve your seat now.