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Taking a proactive approach to customer engagement at the beginning of the sales funnel is one of the most important actions your organization can take toward reaching the right audience and obtaining new leads. At this point, you are at the most impressionable stage of the customer experience, and the biggest challenge to landing that sale is delivering personalized content that drives buyer engagement.

Personalized content allows you to make deeper connections with potential buyers. It is about creating meaningful material your customers find applicable to their particular needs, while also having the ability to quickly follow up. The key to gaining the upper hand and becoming a leader in your respective industry is providing engaging and compelling content throughout the entire buyer experience.

Tools such as PointDrive can help you to create more personalized content experiences as you target potential customers and build relationships with them online. The platform gives you the tools you need to deliver content that is meaningful and easy to navigate, while also allowing you to maintain sophisticated follow up with potential customers.

Delivering Meaningful Content PointDrive is your sales solution for quality customer engagement. It allows you to deliver meaningful content directly to buyers and see exactly how and when they interact with it. It puts the ball in your court so you can deliver an impactful sales experience by shipping pre-packaged content directly to potential buyers. Through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, you can easily access PointDrive and attach videos, documents, and other product information directly to a presentation. You can also quickly customize messaging within the presentation so the particular customer you are working to engage can easily identify with the content and see how a particular product fits their needs.

John’s Story: As the Director of Sales and Marketing at his organization, John is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to deliver meaningful content to potential customers. For each product his company offers, he and his team built PointDrive sites with ready-to-consume content. So, when a potential client made a post on LinkedIn discussing the need for one of the products John’s company offers, he was able to respond proactively by sending a link to a PointDrive site. Now the customer has information customized to their particular needs at their fingertips. John’s team is driving proactive engagement with PointDrive.

Ready to consume content PointDrive eliminates the necessity for bulky emails with multiple attachments. Through the platform, you can create customizable links and easily share via email, InMail, or post them directly onto a potential buyer’s LinkedIn feed. And with the ability to display on personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices, it creates a clean, seamless user experience that presents your product information in a succinct and consistent manner.

Dave’s Story: Dave is looking to drive customer engagement to a target audience with a special offer. In the past, he would have sent out an e-blast with product information, links, and attachments. However, he has been seeing low open rates and even fewer engagements within the email itself. So, Dave created a PointDrive that allows customers to look at the content and reach out to him directly. Dave is also promoting the offer with an event to showcase his company’s latest accomplishments in product innovation. Through PointDrive, customers can access Dave’s information and register for the event all on one central platform.

Superior Follow-Up Customizable content creation is only the beginning of PointDrive’s capabilities. It also provides you with superior follow-up tools. Once you ship the content out to your specific customers, the platform allows you to see how and when they interacted with the content as well as how much of it they actually engaged with. You’ll receive in-real-time email notifications giving you metrics on content engagement. This level of customer visibility gives you a greater capacity to gauge buyer intent to strategically engage and pursue promising leads.

Sandra’s Story: There are a lot of steps in the buyer’s journey. Eliminating as many of those steps as possible and delivering a clean, seamless experience is one Sandra’s main goals in driving customer engagement. Rather than sending out emails cluttered with attachments, she sent a PointDrive that potential customers can interact with. Sandra is able to easily see how many customers interact with the content, when, where, and for how long. Sandra is leveraging this information to follow up with buyers at key moments in the sales funnel.

Engaging buyers in meaningful ways is something all businesses need to be aiming for. Don’t get left in the dark. Know what customers want and gain insights into how they are interacting with your content. With PointDrive, you can engage customers with ease and drive impactful interactions. Start building your proactive toolset for the future of sales and marketing today.