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The digital revolution is changing the way companies do business, and they need your skills. What if you could build customized web widgets that could understand user inquiries and provide an intelligent and meaningful response? What would you say to the possibility of photo and voice recognition software that can predict user interactions and provide proactive suggestions for engaging content?

This is the power of bot technology powered through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Bots are driving a new course of digital interaction. This sophisticated technology is bringing webpages to life to answer user questions, moderate content, and make recommendations through language-understanding software.

Developers can now build predictive interfaces for real life scenarios to resolve problems, access information, and run a multitude of automatic tasks. Businesses across the board are looking to leverage this technology to integrate IT systems to advance customer service and process requests. As an IT developer, you’re in a position to lead businesses and enterprises across every industry into an interactive future through bot technology.

 Escalating the role of IT developers

As bot technology becomes increasingly vital to business operations, the role of IT professionals and developers in monitoring and facilitating the successful implementation of this technology is escalating. Business managers are looking to those who can help guide their operations into the digital age.

Those with advanced understanding of how technology can provide innovative solutions are the ones who should be taking the lead on bringing bot capabilities to their enterprise. To help equip IT professionals with the skillset they need to make the most of bot technology, Microsoft is bringing together subject matter experts to host a skills workshop.

Get equipped at Bot in a Day

Microsoft’s Bot in a Day workshop will give developers training on the basics of building and understanding AI-powered bot technology. Attendees will receive an introduction to bots, followed by an afternoon of hands-on exercises conducted by a team of experts.

The workshop will give attendees insights into a variety of different bots and capabilities such as:

  • Data Retrieval Bots – Bots on SAP/ERP/CRM systems that can sort and retrieve specific data for employees and increase productivity
  • Customer Service Bots – Virtual agents on your website or app that can answer customer questions, make product suggestions, and manage their returns
  • Logistics Bots – Bots that facilitate procurement, track deliveries, and handle various repetitive tasks to streamline operations

The event will also cover how to leverage technology such as: Azure Bot Service, Microsoft Bot Framework, QnA Maker, Cognitive Services, LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Services), and Cortana.

Join us for this exciting event and start leveraging bot technology. Register today.

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